Hypnosis – 4 Simple Tips to Formulate Suggestions For Success In Life.

Hypnosis – 4 Simple Tips to Formulate Suggestions For Success In Life.

What is a Suggestion?

A suggestion is a process of communication of thoughts, ideas or beliefs within ourselves or with others. With Self Hypnosis we can program or install positive suggestions to develop positive attitude for improved health, wealth and happiness.

How do we formulate suggestions?

Tip #1
A Self Hypnosis suggestion must be:

Easy to remember & Simple: The suggestion we formulate need to be short, crisp and easy to remember. Too long and complex suggestion should be avoided. For self hypnosis one sentence or a maximum of 3 short, easy, sentences are better. For example “I’m happy”, “I am relaxed “ “I am feeling better”.

TIP #2

Always remember, All Hypnotic Suggestions MUST be specific without being rigid. For example look at this sentence – “I want to make more money”.

Now this suggestion is too vague – I want to make more money?. Instead think about this suggestion:

“My income steadily rises to $50,000 by the end of this year”.

If you look at the difference, you are specific with the money you want to make and you are also specific with the time frame.

This is because the sub conscious mind takes the suggestions literally and does not reason at all. For example if I suggest “Don’t look at the black cat”, what I’m suggesting? The black cat obviously.

I want to narrate a case of one of my client who always visualized “I am counting a lot of money”

Did you find what mistake he was doing?

Well! His suggestion was “I am counting a lot of money”. Instead it should have been formulated as – “I am counting MY money”

His suggestion was wrong and, thus he ultimately ended up as a cashier counting others money in the bank.

So always be specific with what you want and formulate suggestions accordingly.

TIP #3

Formulating Suggestions in a positive way is another important. Avoid “I can’t, I will, I never”. Let me give another example here…

“I will not argue or fight with my colleagues and friends”

Instead say,

“I will continuously have a wonderful relationship with my colleagues and friends”

The first one is obviously a wrongly formulated negative suggestion. Whereas, the second one is a more positively formulated suggestion.

TIP #4

After being SPECIFIC and POSITIVE, another important part in formulating suggestion is to stay in present tense.

Avoid saying “I was good”, “I was successful”. Instead say “I am good”, I am successful”. You can still improve it to take it into future tense by suggesting:

“I am becoming better and better”, “I am becoming more and more successful”

If you follow these 3 simple tips and formulate suggestions in your life, you will be more and more healthy, wealthy and happy and successful.

Now using the above formula, formulate your own suggestions according to your requirements and practice to get the desired results.

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