Hypnosis – 10 Practical Tips To Make Hypnotic Induction Successful At First Attempt

I have trained hundreds of thousands of people in my seminars and workshops with practical demonstrations on how to induce hypnosis successfully. And during the course of my 30 years of experience practicing hypnosis, I have come across countless people asking for tips for hypnotic induction since most of them have failed in one way or the other in Inducing Hypnosis successfully.

The problems these inexperienced hypnotists face while inducing hypnosis and the advise that I had given to countless of them are provided here so that this article will form as basis for the newbie hypnotists to practically learn and implement how to induce hypnosis successfully at first attempt.

The understanding between the hypnotist and the subject is very crucial. And to establish this compatibility, the hypnotists must spell out exactly what he is going to do with the subject as well as what is expected from the subject. The rapport further can be established with these points:

a. The hypnotist must also dispel all misconceptions that there will not be any unconsciousness, the subject can wake up easily, and that he will not reveal the secrets.
b. The hypnotist should advise the subject concentrate on the suggestion given to him.
c. He should also stress that subject’s wishes will be followed in formulating suggestions.

What I have also found in most hypnotists is lack of confidence in their ability to induce hypnosis, this reflects dramatically in the subjects mind simply because the subject picks up this insecurities and hesitancy of the hypnotist with the suggestions. Therefore, it is very imperative that the hypnotist believes in himself and approaches with a positive attitude expecting a successful induction.

The suggestions are meant to be based on basic common sense and logic avoiding deception. This is where the difference between controlling and fooling the subject lies.

Now I am going to reveal the 10 most useful, practical and potent tips to achieve a successful hypnotic induction:

1. First and foremost, there is no such thing as good subject or bad subject (people being hypnotized). Hypnotizibility depends on the fear the subject has. If there is no fear in the mind of the subject deep stage of hypnosis is possible. It is always better to remove all fears before beginning the induction process.
2. When you start hypnotizing somebody do that with suggestibility tests like “hand clasp test, falling backward, falling forward, arm catalepsy test,”. These tests are very easy to use. The success in these simple tests will create a belief in you that you will do better in advanced techniques.
3. The subject receives and follows the suggestions when he is completely comfortable during the induction process. He could lose focus and interrupt the induction process if he feels a slightest discomfort or inconvenience. These interruptions become obstacles leading to an inevitable failure. Therefore the location and seating should be comfortable. Unavoidable external sounds or distractions can be used as reinforcement in induction.

4. Remarks such as this is also very helpful “If you follow my simple XYZ suggestions, such as looking at a place where I point, or closing your eyes, counting yourself, imaging, thinking, feeling, that your legs are getting heavier and heavier, you will follow other more complex suggestions.

5. One more technique that I found very effective is as follows “The ability to achieve hypnosis is within you. I do not hypnotize you. You do. I will not force you into hypnosis. However, if you really wish to be hypnotized at your own pace and by your own effort, all you have to do is to follow the XYZ suggestions. If you follow these in sequence, you should readily develop a nice, pleasant state of relaxation, provided that you really wish to reach the ultimate goal of very, very deep relaxation”.

6. It is always better to repeat words like relax, going deeper and deeper into relaxation. This increases relaxation.

7. It is better to first build simple suggestions of ideosensory and ideomotor sequentially followed by advanced ones. This process is helps to remove voluntary movements and favorable to hypnotic relaxation. For example “With each breath (idiomatic) you take and every number you count backward (ideosensory), you will allow yourself to go deeper and deeper relaxation..

8. To facilitate the process of acceptance of suggestions it would be a better idea to reinforce a psychological suggestion (ideosensory) by a physiological effect, such as lightly stroking limb.

9. Go slow when giving suggestions allowing ample time for each suggestion to be absorbed.

10. Never ever tell the subject that he was difficult to induce. Always use positive words such as “You did a fantastic job, and you will do a better job next time”.

11. It is perfectly normal that some people are difficult to go into hypnosis. Never blame them for this. Instead of condemning for the failure, give them a pat on the back and say a few words of encouragement.

12. Now you will learn a simple technique on how to hypnotize successfully in first attempt. Don’t tell the person that you are hypnotizing him. You can use progressive relaxation. Look for the sign and when the person is in a relaxed state give him a positive suggestion that would be beneficial for him.

And awaken him by giving him specific instructions such as..

“I’m now going to awaken you by counting from 1 to 3. On the counting of 3, you will awaken, feeling good, refreshed & rested as a result of these brief minutes of deep hypnosis relaxation. It is amazing what a few minutes of hypnosis can do to you. Now, 1… coming out slowly, 2… yes, coming out now, 3…open your eyes feeling light refreshed and revitalized happy and cheerful, feeling much better than before.

After the subject opens his eyes ask him how much time he was under hypnosis, he will say a few minutes. He says that because you gave him a suggestion during awakening [a few minutes of deep hypnosis relaxation] but actually the time is more than a few minutes.

You can show him the watch to prove it. This is the power of suggestions.

Always remember these points, whenever you induce hypnosis and be confident of yourself. Confidence is the key.

Follow these tips and try the next time. I’m sure you will come up with flying colors.

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