Hyperhidrosis – My Hyperhidrosis Story

This is the story of how Josh and I went from being fearful, depressed, and embarrassed about excessive sweating, to being pissed! I’ll let Josh tell the story cuz he tells it better than me…

“About three years ago, we were getting ready for our older sister’s wedding. We never had much money as a family, so my father requested that Jenny (our older sister) have an August wedding. You know, so it would be more affordable, because it’s the off season.

“Anyways, Chris and I were both in the wedding party. If you’ve ever been involved in a wedding party you know that pictures are usually taken before, during, and after the ceremony, in bulk. If the photographer is creative, they usually have a few unorthodox ideas for some of the big group shots.

“I will never forget the photographer that Jenny hired for that extremely humid day. His name was Sammy, and he was very passionate about his occupation. Accordingly, he had all kinds of crazy poses and ideas for the pictures.

“There was one picture where he had all of the groomsmen put there watches together and he snapped a shot of all the watches. Another picture featured only the ladies. But instead of showing off their watches, they were all featuring their pedicures.

“A third seemingly very cute idea of Sammy’s was not so cute to me and Chris, though. As soon as he verbalized this idea to the group we made eye contact with each other, each thinking the exact same thing. What about our armpit sweat? What about our pit stains?

“Needless to say, the photo in question called for the men to remove their jackets.

“I know what you’re thinking. It’s not so bad to have to take the jacket off, just keep your arms at your sides and try to act inconspicuously. Trust me, we had both been there and done that thousands of times. But this time the embarrassment was inevitable. And it was going to be captured in time for an eternity in our sister’s wedding album!

“Sammy wants us all in a tight circle. So we are all in very close proximity, making matters even worse for us and our self-conscious predisposition. But it gets even worse. Sammy wants everyone to throw their hands up in the air and scream like they are having the time of their life.

“It was at this very moment—mortified beyond belief while our friends were steadily gaining enthusiasm for Sammy’s latest idea—I experienced an epiphany. I decided to take charge of my life. I refused to live with this insecurity from that point forward. Not only that, but I wanted to help my brother, Chris. Once cured, Chris wanted to help the general population suffering from excessive armpit sweat. That was when our website was born.”

Do you have your own hyperhidrosis story? I’ll bet you do. And it sure would be nice of you to share. Why? Because your perspective is valuable to everybody in the group!. Your story just might be that one that somebody reads when they’re having a crappy day that makes them feel just a lil’ better about things.

Even if you haven’t cured it (yet), it’s still probably a good story. So c’mon. Make a difference in someone’s life. Let them know that they’re not alone by sharing your hyperhidrosis story right now!