HYIPs versus Forex

Most people, even those who have no association with investing are aware of the stock market. But fewer are aware of Forex and only a small percentage of individuals know of HYIPs. However, lack of knowledge doesn’t mean that these two types of investment opportunities aren’t popular. With the appropriate foresight and risk assessment, a person can make a lot of money through Forex and, (in fewer cases) even HYIPs. Yet, which one is better for the beginning investor? To understand this question, one must know exactly what HYIPs and Forex are.

HYIPs, (which stand for High Yield Investment), is a controversial investing opportunity in which an individual gets an insanely high return on their profit. HYIPs can allow returns for higher than 12 percent, depending on the program. Additionally, they require very little money to start… some HYIPs will allow a person to invest with only $1. So, what’s the problem? Many HYIPs are known as ponzi scams. These are scams in which HYIP owners pay older members with new member money.

When the HYIP program stops receiving members, the money flow also stops, which means the program will shut down. There is no way to know if an HYIP is a ponzi short of them advertising themselves as such, (which some do). If an HYIP is not a ponzi, chances are their funds are coming from other investments such as oil or even Forex trading. The funds that they obtain from members are used in the process of their traditional investing ventures.

On the other hand, Forex trading is an investment opportunity created from exchanging currencies. Like HYIPs it is possible to do Forex trading with very little money, (depending on the Forex site one is working with). Unlike HYIPs, Forex trading do not offer a crazy return. Granted, the return tends to be higher than what is available with the stock market, but not as high as what an HYIP can offer. But on the upside, Forex trading is considered by most investors to be more legitimate than HYIP trading.

As long as a person is dealing with a reputable Forex trader, they don’t have to worry about legal problems. Of course, one could make the same argument for an HYIP, but how can one truly find ‘reputable’ HYIP owners? Many have said that they believe 99 percent of HYIPs are scams. If a person finds an HYIP that is legitimate, they shouldn’t have too many problems but if they get involved with a ponzi, it is possible that the government could go after them.

In conclusion, while HYIPs may seem like easy money unless a person knows FOR SURE that the owner is using their money for legitimate investing, it is probably better to stick with Forex trading. If a person is that tempted by an HYIP they would do better going to Vegas, because most HYIPs are really no better than gambling. In fact some HYIP owners themselves consider their sites to be ‘ponzi games.’ Conversely, no Forex trading site would consider their venture to be a game.

Source: https://positivearticles.com