Hummingbird Feeder Tubes

Swift, yet agile and graceful describes the world’s tiniest of birds. Hummingbirds are one of the more beautiful birds that you will see in nature. These little beauties are constantly on the search for food. As they fly at very high speeds they burn up more than half of their energy reserves. To help them find lots of food you can plant different flowering plants, shrubs, trees and hummingbird feeder tubes in various places in the garden.

Hummingbird feeder tubes are simply long tubes that provide nectar to the hummingbirds. As these tubes simulate the flowers that the birds drink from naturally, they are drawn to these types of feeders.

There are lots of varieties of Hummingbird feeder tubes that you can buy on the market. A visit to your nearest pet shop or the internet will reveal the different hummingbird feeder tubes that are available.

Holland Hill Tweeter Totter has different hummingbird feeder tube designs. These feeders are made of long, thin, crystal glass. Thin strands of copper are entwined all around the 2 tubes. The copper strands form a diagonal pattern around the feeders. The ends of the feeding ports are red, this is a color that hummingbirds seem to love; they also have little red glass balls hanging down from thin copper wires. The perches for the hummingbird feeder tubes are twisted copper wires. When the Hummingbirds alight on the perches, they will tilt the tubes full of nectar towards them.

Another type of hummingbird feeder is a 17 inch long crystal tube. For this Hummingbird Feeder design there is a long entwining copper wire that is shaped like a stem with brass leaves hang realistically from the stem. The copper stem and brass leaves are shaped around the crystal tube body. The feeding ports are elongated red feeder tubes that resemble flowers. The red of the flowers serve to attract the hummingbirds.

Red Hibiscus flower shaped hummingbird feeder tubes are also a favorite of both hummingbirds and people. This is one way that you can provide a natural looking source of food for hummingbirds in your garden. The Hibiscus flower is made from recycled hand blown glass. It’s about 7 inches in length and it comes complete with an “S” shaped hook for hanging purposes. These hummingbird feeder tubes can hold up to ¾ cups of nectar.

You can also hang red hand blown glass globes in your garden. The bright red balls will invite lots of hummingbirds to come. At the bottom of the sphere you will find a feeder tube. The ends of these hummingbird feeder tubes are red. Even though they are 4.5 inches in diameter these red glass balls will hold ¾ cups of nectar.

Hummingbird feeder tubes come in many designs but they all have the same purpose, which is to provide another source of food for the ever hungry hummingbirds in your garden.