Human Growth Hormone – Real or False

HGH (human growth hormone) is a natural hormone. It is created by the Pituitary gland which is at the centre of the brain. HGH stimulates other glands in the body to work to work at maximum efficiency.

Several recent studies have demonstrated how elevating the body’s HGH levels can delay or even put into reverse the body’s natural aging process.

As we exit our teen years our bodies produce increasingly less HGH. This leads to a host of unwanted side-effects including increased body fat, decreased immunity, poor skin tone, decreased libido, and the many other symptoms we usually associate with aging.

Everyone once believed that an aging pituitary gland didn’t have the capacity to produce larger amounts of HGH. However, recent studies have shown that a maturing pituitary gland is indeed capable of producing as much HGH as when younger, if it is stimulated to do so.

In clinical trials, increased HGH has been shown to give:

Average increased muscle mass of almost 9% over six months (no exercise)

An average 14% fat-reduction after six months, (with no dieting)

Superior immune function

More rapid wound-healing

Deeper and improved sleep

Improved visual acuity

Higher energy levels

Improved sexual performance

Greater cardiac performance

Increased exercise capacity

Improved kidney function

Blood pressure reduction

Improved cholesterol

Stronger bones

Younger, thicker, more supple skin

Reduced Hair-Loss, Hair re-growth

Skin wrinkle reduction

Reduction or even Elimination of cellulite

Mood Improvements

Increased memory retention

A modest raising of HGH levels can be achieved by a few people just by exercise and giving serious attention to their diet, and by reducing their weight to a lower level. But for the rest of us, this is no solution.

In recent years injections of pure HGH have been used to increase HGH levels but this is very expensive. To keep prices down, most of the HGH supplements on the market today contain very low levels of HGH, often too low to have any lasting effect. Those other products contain blends of herbs and homeopathic elements which naturally push the pituitary into greater activity.

Recent research indicates that the best method of elevating HGH levels in the body is to stimulate the body to produce more HGH. Rather than directly introduce a large (and expensive) amount of pure HGH into the body, it is possible to stimulate your own pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

If you accept the need, or at least desirability to raise your HGH levels and fend off Old Father Time, the question is then raised of how to achieve it. This usually comes down to mundane considerations like cost and convenience. If cost is no problem, then HGH injections will be the best way, although the bother and stress of constant injections is off-putting to most.

The alternative for most of us is to choose one of the proprietary products available, all of which aim to re-stimulate the pituitary to produce HGH at a higher level. Some of them do this with tablets, pills and/or capsules, while others use direct into-the-mouth sprays. Some HGH products actually DO include small amounts of real HGH to add to the effect, but regulatory restrictions mean that this is a very small amount.

In another article I will discuss the pros and cons of each method of application. For now I will leave you with a heartfelt warning: BEWARE!

Like many products, it is difficult to tell a genuine HGH Product from a phony just by looking. Sugar pills can be manufactured to look exactly like the real thing, as can sugar-water, and copying the packaging isn’t difficult. Get your HGH (in whatever form you choose) from a country where you can be sure that regulations are rigidly enforced, and at the top of that list are: The USA , Canada, The UK and the European Community. I’m not saying that everything else is corrupted, far from it But just be careful!