Human Behavior in Soul and Self

Not one person has been capable of defining the true meaning of human behavior despite the evidence is clear. We see people of all lifestyles struggling to identify with self by trying hard to understand their own behaviors.

Of course, all of us know that human behavior is the way we behave. Yet, it is also the responses of psychological learning. We respond to the set conditions and rule other force upon us. We see these patterns by reviewing our history. Consider the time when white men had more power than the black man and female race. During this time, these degrading people felt that they were the ultimate race of god. While we know this is untrue, still their teachings streamed down through history, which lead to major issues, including stereotyping, racism, hate, murder, crime, thief, and so much more.

Many people behave in accord to what they had learned from misleading influences. Despite they are maturing more today, many people are still following the unreal patterns of conditions and teachings. Part of the problem is that the misconceptions have not been challenged. Because we learn from psychological teachings, we often prefer to follow others despite they are wrong, rather than probe into our own mind to discover the truth.

By analyzing your problems, you can find answers every time. The process takes effort on your part, which is another part of the problem. Many people do not want to apply themselves, so they continue to follow others. By following others, they often head down the road to destruction.

We must learn to self-analyze and consider our conceptions, which develop from observation, learning, teaching, reading, and so forth. Instead of following the path of others, we must expand our knowledge.

Reading, ultimately can expand our knowledge, but also expand our comprehension. Instead of seeing things in black and white as those people did in our history, we can start seeing things in color. A colorful picture is much more prettier than black and white.

Love doesnÂ’t come in colors. No one has the right to tell us who we can love, or who we can befriend. We must love each other as we love ourselves. The problem is, most people claim to love themselves, but truthfully, they do not. It is evident in their human behaviors.

For example, when you see a person smoking tobacco or drinking heavily, you instinctively note that this person lacks a love for self. When we see a person abiding by the nature of law, thus taking care of self, we know this person has a degree of love for self. These people often clear their mind of clutter.

Instead of staying in a chaotic state of mind, which comes out in their human behaviors later, they often seek the truth. The truth sets them free because it clears the mind of rubble that clutters the brain. The soul is the physical self. Thus, when we see a person taking care of self, we know that this person is on a journey to find the truth and discover the self to its entirety.

When a person clears his mind of lies told down through the history, he often finds it easier to manage in life. This means that his behaviors conform to doing what is right. The person often will clear up doubt, confusion, fear, stress, and other negative aspects of his character to make room for self-growth. A clear-minded person does not follow the path of others; rather he takes control of soul, in order to discover self.

Some of the other lies told to us, is evidently unclear today. For instance, think about the lies whereas leaders stressed to us and have lead to many problems today. One of these lies was that the soul was a spiritual thing that left the body upon death and dangled in some unknown area of the world waiting to reach heaven or hell. Despite evidence is clear these are lies, people still follow these same beliefs.