A human needs to be needed. It is one of the primary desires of all human beings. Love and care is the food of life. Unless one is cared for, one starts ailing. Hugging is a gesture of love, of warmth and of caring. It is not only the best way to cuddle your love but also pamper, shield and comfort your lover in a dazzlingly loving mode. A hug is an expression of caring. When someone is upset or disheartened a hug is a superb source of comfort. It is an unvoiced note which implies that “I care for you.” When you hug and hold someone you love, it is compassionate, it is love and it is belonging. It is a passionate expression of your love for the person. Hugging is a warm manner to tell your love that this is the place where you belong, in his arms. A feeling of security and a sense of peace is embedded in a hug. Whenever you will experience it with your love, your mind and heart will take you to a world of ecstasy. When in love, a hug is a pure happiness. It’s a feeling of release from all kinds of worldly qualms and fretfulness. While hugging, the only contemplation that can approach your mind is, you are there where you have always wanted to be and wished to be till eternity.

Humans enjoy contact. If you love someone, open your arms and let him or her enter into your heart by giving a warm hug. A warm hug signifies your passionate love for that person. You don’t need to smother it for long but give them a meaningful clutch to make them feel that you really do appreciate them being there. A loving hug while bidding goodbye will replenish the tenderness and also perk up your evergreen romantic legend. A hug can do wonder to anyone. A hug cheers you up when you are in blue; a hug expresses the phrase ‘I Love You’ so easily, a hug can alleviate your sore heart and bring a rainbow after rain. We could hardly survive without hugs; it is like a roof which offers a shield against all kind of worries. It might be the reason why god gave us arms, a hug delights, warms and charms and takes us to an idyllic planet. Hug transfers energy, it gives an emotional boost, it is one of the best means of communication and it can say things you don’t have words for. The skin is the most delicate organ of our body and it requires good care. Hugging covers most of the skin which gives the message that the person really loves and cares for you.

Hugs are one of the multipliers of that great positive energy, extinguishing the useless derivatives like stress and tensions and thrusting happiness upward. A hug is as pure as snow and as innocent as child. The amount of caring for a person is demonstrated by the intensity of a hug. Girls love to hug but boys on average are not much into them. But these vary from men to men. Boys, who love hugging, are known to carry it out quite warmly. The art of hugging to an extent depends on varied cultural attributes but then the purpose remains the same, that is, to show one’s affection and fondness towards his or her loved partner.