How Your Business Can Save on Towels and Linen

There are a number of factors that can lower the turnover and costs of linen and towels for your business. We look in depth at how you can cut costs and ensure cleanliness.

The Economics
One of the most significant costs for towels and linen comes with washing, for both light colours and white linen. However, washing towels and linen can be done at a lower cost – here’s how.

Most modern washing machines will tend to wash towels at a reasonably high temperature. For your business, the combination of using a high quality washing powder, while also lowering the temperature of your machine by between 5-10 degrees can result in significant savings over a period of time. Lowering the temperature reduces electricity and power costs, whereas the highest quality washing materials mean reducing the amount used. This can mean long term savings for your business.

Feel Good Factor
Other than the financial benefits, there are other advantages to cleaning towels in an efficient manner. There is the feel good factor of knowing your company is making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Asking customers to be aware of the environment, by leaving a polite notice in the bathroom, can often mean they don’t overuse the towels on offer. This can mean you can reduce the towel usage from each room by 50 per cent or more, meaning half the towels to wash throughout the year. Businesses should be surprised at how a few environmental facts placed on a polite notice or card can inform people and allow them the chance to decide to not overuse towels and linen.

Using high quality washing materials, as well as conditioners and other additions when washing and drying will ensure towels feel fluffy, and you also get a longer lifespan from them. The same applies to linen and allows you to make savings, even if the initial costs are higher in looking after your towels and linen.

Using better quality materials for cleaning also means that towels will stay that bit cleaner and have a crisper whiter appearance longer. This increases the lifespan of the towel and reduces the requirement for replacements.

Between caring for towels, trying to cut down on the cost of cleaning and looking after both towels and linen and washing them properly, you can be assured you will save money. This can be the case for most materials and involves some slightly larger initial costs and planning in order to save in the long term.