How You Can Stay Young, Look Young And Feel Young Naturally

Staying young and looking good is everybody’s wish irrespective of our age. Whether you are in your twenties, thirties or midlife, you naturally wish to stay young and vibrant. Discover some valuable tips here to fulfill your wish in ageless living.

The first step is to practice an easy and joyful lifestyle. Be contented and thankful with who you are and what you have achieved. You should still have your ambition and goals to set the direction for your life, but realistic and achievable goals are important benchmark. Life is about you and how you feel about yourself, not about whether you are born to riches or poverty. It’s not about a list of relationships you’ve been in, or your status in the world. It’s about you.

The second step is eating right. It is important to understand that the quality of life ahead of you depends on how you care for your body today. A balanced diet is one with the right minerals, vitamins and proteins from the right sources of foods and eating right means eating regular meals of the right portion. The healthiest way to eat is by taking whole food, unprocessed, without added flavor, sugar and preservative. CUT DOWN ON SALT INTAKE as salt can push up your blood pressure and injure arteries. Salt deposits in the body can cause serious side effects; gout, kidney stone or gall bladder stone and even clogged blood veins.

CUT DOWN ON COFFEE AND TEA because they contain caffeine which dehydrate your body. Caffeine drains water from your body system resulting in sagging and wrinkled skin. It also elevates blood pressure and makes your heart work much harder.

REDUCT SUGAR INTAKE because sugar is the root cause of diseases like diabetes and even cancer. Diabetes develops slowly, springs on you suddenly and can result in the loss of limb, potency and even life. Sugar is known to promote growth of cancer cells.

AVOID CIGARETTES because cigarettes cause serious damage to your body and is a major threat to healthy skin. It robs your skin of oxygen and produces free radical which leads to premature aging. The most known side effect of cigarettes is of course cancer.

The third step is regular exercise. Regular exercise tones your body muscles, reduce body fat, fight disease and relieve depression, tension and stress. Do the exercise you like and weave it into your life on a regular basis. Vary the routine so that you don’t burn out. Sneak exercise into your day whenever and wherever you can.

The final step is resting well. Sufficient sleep is really vital as it allows your body to repair itself during the rest hours.

It is possible to start doing something now to completely renew yourself. Eat well and exercise regularly and within a few months and you will be able to see some results. Your muscles will be stronger, your joints and mobility improve, and your heart will be stronger, pumping more blood with less strain on your body. You feel more energetic and vibrant. You will burn more calories, and so your body and muscles are firmer. With simple life, and sufficient rest, your body will be renewed, you feel better, happier, healthier and very importantly, younger.