How You Can Become One In A Million

Do you ever wonder why millions and millions of people live life in exactly the same way? Fear and a need for security are the driving forces at work here and this combination prevents most people from living their dreams. Terrified to take even the smallest of risks, they experience very little excitement and few adventures. A steady job, married with two kids, a nice home in a decent area and a couple of vacations every year. Make no mistake about it, this is pretty much as good as life gets for the vast majority of people.

Do you want to live like this or do you want to live a happier, more exciting life colored with adventure, risk and big rewards? Few people live this way, and those that do are one in a million. If you want to join this exclusive group, here’s 5 tips to help you achieve it:

1. Risk – be prepared to accept that big rewards demand a price. You have to take a risk to get them. Whether it’s business, a dangerous job, an extreme sport to name but three areas, you have to balance the risks involved with the rewards on offer. Quite simply, risk comes with the territory and you cannot get big rewards without it.

2. Conformity is doing the same things everybody else does because everybody else is doing them so it must be right, yes? Just one problem. If you do the same things as everybody else you’ll get exactly what everybody else gets – minimal levels of happiness, huge levels of debt, the rat-race and a life devoid of any real excitement and achievement. Would you describe anyone who lives like this as “One in a million”? Also, sheep conform. They do what all the other sheep do because they cannot think for themselves. How about you – are you a mindless, obedient sheep? Resolve to do your own thing and walk a different path to everybody else – if you want to be one in a million that is.

3. Know what you want. People who get the most from life do so because they know exactly what they want. They take the time to think about what they want to achieve and they set goals for themselves. Then they get busy on achieving their goals. Contrast this with the majority of people who bumble through life with no idea at all about what they really want to do. Key difference: Life is either something that happens to you or something you make happen. Guess which attitude you need to be one in a million.

4. No excuses. This is a big one. Because most people have many opportunities presented to them throughout their lives but are too scared to take one. Instead, when opportunity comes knocking, most people will build a wall of excuses to avoid it: Age, sex, education, family, jobs, money, skills, abilities, the cat, the dog, the goldfish and the weather. There’s more and I’m not being flippant when I mention pets. You name it, the vast majority of people will use it as an excuse to justify missing out on an opportunity that could drastically improve the quality of their lives. If you want to be one in a million, then throw your excuse crutch onto the bonfire and resolve to never use any excuses to cheat yourself out of opportunity. Welcome it. Embrace it. And then milk it for all it’s worth.

5. Don’t listen to people who haven’t done anything. Be your own person and use your intelligence to make good for you decisions. The problem is that when you do, others will pour cold water on your ideas by highlighting all the negative aspects they can think of. They will do their level best to stop you from pursuing a better life by heaping their fears onto you. DO NOT LISTEN. Unless they’ve lived an exciting life, full of rich experiences, exciting adventures, successes and failures and true happiness. Such people will be more positive about your plans and will be able to provide you with knowledge to help you on your way. Those who haven’t done anything are not in a position to be of any use to you whatsoever and as such, are part of millions. But you want to be different yes? You don’t want to be one of millions you want to be one in a million. So why listen to people who are and always will be one of millions?

You want to live life in your own unique way and these 5 tips will help you to do it. You can do it and after all, what have you got to lose? The reward is to be one in a million. Believe me, it’s well worth it.