How will your subconscious mind make things happen for you?

Copyright 2006 Emmanuel Segui

We don’t want to wait until something happenswe must make it happen!

Experiences of thousands of people lead me to believe that most of us want:
1. Money and financial security
2. Happiness and peace of mind
3. Health and zestful energy

I am a firm believer that we can make these goals come true in our personal lives. When we start thinking rightthings happen! They have to happen! Powerful fundamental laws are in operation!

When we start thinking right it is easy to put our subconscious power to work for us on a 24-hour basis. These laws work with mathematical accuracy. They will work for you, for me, for anyone who will stop long enough to investigate and to go into planned action.

Before the laws will work for us, we must become aware! They aren’t my lawsthey are yours they belong to those who will stop long enough to think, analyze, and act!

Control the power of your subconscious mind and you have positive control over your own life! It is the control center of influence.

The next question often asked is: Is the use and control of subconscious power a science? It is! It is founded on knowledge and research that has been accumulating for generations. It has its roots in the sciences of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and human relations. Its application, however, is personal and intimate with each individual. All it takes to apply this science to your own life, under your own guidance, is the understanding of the basic principles.

It is a modern tragedy to see fine people fail to make their plans come true. I see thousands of them every year. From outward appearance they seem to have “everything”and yet they fail.

People fail because “things” aren’t working right on the “inside.” When our thinking and feeling are wrongthen we make it absolutely impossible for “things” to work correctly on the “outside.” Just a little thinking and investigation will prove this point beyond all doubt.

Success and wealth come from the inside-out.

You cannot overwork this power. In fact the more you use it positively, the better it will serve. There is no special time to use it this way. It is there to be used every day. It should be as much a part of your everyday life as is waking, sleeping, eating. It is a perfectly natural forceadapting itself to every need and desire you have.

Those who have that understanding of the spiritual forces that bring comforting faith into their lives are depending on subconscious power. Faith must be within a person. It lives in the subconscious. Those who have knowledge that serves them positively, are also depending on the subconscious power within themand they act accordingly. Peace of mind comes from faith, understanding and knowledge that are centered in the subconscious.

The subconscious is the master motivator. Under control, and directed by you, it will eliminate fatigue, drabness, and desire to put things off until “tomorrow.” It will put all goals within your reachand take you to them unswervingly.

The money that you need in your life is not the paycheck or minimum income that just lets you “get by.” The money you really need are those amounts you can exchange for the things you want, above and beyond just getting by. You need money for those “extras” you deservefor real securityfor growth. Your subconscious has the power to make all those things so important to you, that getting the money for them becomes a certain, positive action. With your subconscious, the bigger the picture you set up there first, the bigger the end results will certainly be.

Turn on your subconscious power! It is the answer to the only kind of life really worth living.