How We Can Help You

Finding an aviation job within the defence industry can be a daunting prospect without the right professional assistance and guidance. Moreover, there are very few recruitment industry who can provide a full tailored aviation recruitment service. This is because very few recruitment consultancies have the necessary tools, experience and specialist knowledge to provide effective recruitment solutions in this area of recruitment. Wynnwith has 60 years of experience in aviation/defence recruiting. Over the years, they have built and excellent track record and reputation within the industry. As such, they can be regarded as one of the leading recruitment companies for aviation/defence recruiting. There is no doubt that with Wynnwith’s specialist knowledge and wealth of experience, aviation/defence candidates have an increased chance of obtaining suitable job placements.

The reason for this is because Wynnwith has a broad clientele base which includes some of the world’s top aviation firms and aviation staff employers, such as MoD, Airbus, GKN and Rolls Royce. Wynnwith forms and maintains close long term relationships with these major employers. This means that Wynnwith is able to have an in-depth understanding of their cultural and organizational needs. It also allows them to provide a recruitment service which meets the exact requirements of both their corporate and individuals clients. Wynnwith teams of experienced recruitment consultant are REC trained. This implies that they are fully capable of providing clients with expert recruitment advice and guidance. So, whether an aviation job applicant is looking for an engineering, construction or any technical role within the industry, Wynnwith has what it takes to provide effective recruitment assistance.

At this junction, it should be mentioned that Wynnwith is one of the few firms which continue to provide long-term support to their clients even after an effective recruitment solution has been provided. The client-based service which Wynn with provides is one of the reasons why an increasing number of individuals and firms are choosing them to meet their recruitment needs. Wynnwith is very proud of the low turnover rates they have been able to achieve over the years. This low turnover rate has given their corporate organizational stability. It has also meant that Wynnwith’s candidates are guaranteed of career fulfillment and continuity. Wynn with also provides a range of other peripheral services to their clients such as security clearance. No other recruitment consultancy provides the same variety of services to their clients.