How Unhealthy Habits Impact Your Financial Health

Life is a precious gift to the mankind. Although it is absolutely an individual’s choice as how he/she chooses to lead his/her life, it is necessary that they live a life of solid substance and purpose. There comes a stage in everyone’s life, where they sit back and rewind all the events of their life – one should make sure that they are not ashamed with their past choices.

During the course of lifetime we often tend to fall prey to many addictions and temporary temptations which would, in long run, ruin our life in more than one way. So, it is very important to stay away from unhealthy habits.

As the saying goes, “Watch your thoughts, for they become words; watch your words, for they become actions; watch your actions, for they become habits; watch your habits, for they become character.” Hence, the habits you inculcate will decide your character eventually. So naturally a person who falls prey to bad and unhealthy habits would inevitably end up with poor character.

Unhealthy habits will have an impact on several aspects of life. The obvious impact would be on health, career and relationships. Apart from these obvious ones, unhealthy habits do have a great negative impact on financial health of a person.

Unhealthy habits comprises of a long list. There are some habits that we are accustomed to so much that we tend to disregard the fact that they are potentially dangerous to our health in future. Skipping breakfast regularly, drinking wine excessively, and having interrupted sleeps, excessive intake of caffeine, eating quickly, sacrificing comfort and bearing a huge discomfort for the sake of fashion are some of the habits which seem very trivial but if ignored, would most certainly drill a huge hole in your pocket in the long run. But the major unhealthy habits that completely ruin your life are addiction to smoking, addiction to alcohol and drug abuse. These are serious unhealthy habits which can prove to be fatal.

Major influences of unhealthy habits on your financial health can be mainly categorized into five aspects.

High expenditure: Being a spendthrift is in fact an unhealthy habit which would have a negative impact on your financial health. It is very important to possess control over unnecessary materialistic attractions. Spending too much on not so necessary things may make you happy temporarily, but surely the day you regret your decision will just be round the corner. So, it is very important for you to assess your priorities and spend accordingly rather than succumbing to sudden temptations and having a negative impact on your financial health.

Apart from being a spendthrift, high expenditure can result from the above mentioned unhealthy habits. If a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, he could pretty soon find his pocket burned up drastically. Once a person gets addicted to drugs, it is almost impossible to get out of the habit and he would constantly feel the pinch to get himself drugged even though it means he is being bankrupt. Drug addiction can make the person stoop down to miserable life, where he wouldn’t even mind to sacrifice his morals in order to get the drug he got addicted to.

Low income due to loss of productivity and absenteeism: A drug addict or an alcoholic addict, who consumes alcohol or takes drugs every other night, would hardly remember his assigned work in the office. Neither would he remember his duties nor would he be in a position to complete them on time, which ultimately results in unsatisfactory performance, lack of respect at the workplace and eventually low-income. Thus it affects ones financial health along with social image.

Cost of illnesses: It is just a matter of time before one gets affected with a major ailment if he is addicted to unhealthy habits. Once you are affected with a major ailment it would eat off your savings just like a group of hungry termites on a piece of wood. Generally, we never hold back at spending for our ailments and hence you would end up with a weak financial health by the time you get back to strong physical health.

Legal bills: However cultured and well-mannered a person is, once drunk he is a different person altogether. There would be many instances where one may end up breaking laws or get involved in some anti-social activity, from which he would otherwise stay out completely. Hence these habits could land you up in lot of trouble apart from making you pay for your premature and unlawful actions. In some cases, these bills could run into very heavy amounts.

Apart from monetary loss from these unhealthy habits, you may also be branded as a bad or characterless person which I feel is the greatest price you will pay for being addicted to unhealthy habits.