How To Write That Powerful Wedding Speech

It is Saturday night and you have just sat down to watch tv, you are relaxing and your best friend gives you a call, he informs you that he is getting married and would like for you to be the best man. You may hesitate, but can’t really say no, so you just agree on a toast at the wedding. So now you get off the phone and you start searching on the internet for free wedding speeches.

Get the idea? Research has proven that more people are scared of public speaking than many other fears. Speaking in public can be a very anxious act. You cannot take back what you said and if you say something not appropriate, you’ll get foot “in” mouth disease.

Does it help to research free wedding speeches on the internet? You will come across common tips telling you how to make that perfect speech. You might get a good break and find one that is made already, and you will feel the need print it. Most of these speeches are usually general and not personal at all, and you don’t want to bore your family and friends.

When you are working with speeches it is better to make it simple. Just think of all the memories with friends and you won’t have to rely on the net to get your free wedding speeches.

The wedding toast is a way for you to tell everyone a little about your friends getting married and how special they are for each other and wish them a great life ahead. You don’t need a boring speech that drags on. You just need to think of the great moments and tell how much you care for your great friends.

If you’re still nervous when it comes time for your speech you can use these free wedding speech ideas. They should help you greatly in your time of need.

– Don’t be preachy, rely on your great memories

Too many people give long winded speeches because they want to give advice which is not necessary at this moment. Just let the pastor or marriage counselor take care of that. Stick with the memories. Most of the time people will appreciate the fond memories. Try to use a few highlights of the couples life together, wish them well and then you are finished.

– Go for shorter and more powerful, rather than drawn out and boring

Most people don’t like a speech that is long and uninteresting; you don’t want to tell about all your adventures you had in your childhood. Share those 1 or 2 great memories that will evoke and emotional response and you will be better off.

– Think about writing a Poem

Don’t believe that writing a poem is for weak people because everyone has a different way of looking at things. A wedding can get tense with emotions and everyone is prepared to get a little emotional even to the point of tears and there is really not anything better to evoke this response than a nice little poem.

– Give an introduction they won’t forget

It can be something simple like “Cindy has been my friend since grade school and I have never seen her so in love with any guy other than John” and make a foundation for what you are going to say, since you will be mentioning memories of the couples life. Be honest and don’t try to over do it or you will lose credibility. Try to think if people will get a feeling for your speech even if they don’t really know you.