How to Write an Article So Well to Receive 1000s of Visitors

It is the dream of every article marketer to be able to write articles well to receive thousands of visitors each day. Article writing can either make or break your online business. Do the right things and your article marketing efforts take off well, but do it wrong and you end up wasting your precious time. Is it possible to write articles so well that everyone would pay attention to? The answer is Yes and I am going to show you a simple to follow step by step method to crank out articles that are eye-catching and pull in tons of targeted traffic that is ready to buy your products and be your subscriber.

Every well-written article needs proper preparation. Stay focused on your aim to draw in traffic to your website and pay a lot of attention to a few factors that would help you to write an article well.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is so important for several reasons. A well researched keyword tells you that your readers are looking for information related to it. So there is demand. A keyword with some demand but low competition makes it easier for your article to rank well in the search engines. Hang around forums and read the questions people have concerning the topic related to the product and service you want to sell. Check out Overture and Google and find one main keyword and a secondary keyword with less than 1000 searches a month for each keyword and less than 5000 search results for the keywords in quotes, for instance, “how to write an article”. Targeting such keywords would get your article ranked in search engines in a matter of few days.

2. Attention-Pulling Title

Your potential reader only has a few seconds to decide if he or she wants to read your article. Make them do so willingly with an eye-catching title. Since you already have your target keyword, dress it up with call-to-action words. For example, “10 Secret Tips to Successful Article Writing” or “5 Article Marketing Secrets Gurus Are Keeping Mum About” would definitely catch your attention more than “Article Writing Success” and “Article Marketing Secrets”. Do not forget to include the main keyword at the start of the title. I repeat, include it for SEO love!

3. Useful Content That Presells

Stay on track to give useful content. It keeps your readers excited about reading your article and instantly increases the probability of them following the resource link to your website. At the same time, you are establishing yourself as an expert. People would be following your articles as you write more. Treat the article as your sales page as well to presell your website or product. It warms your readers with a hint that the resource link would send them to the solution to their problems.

Work on these 3 areas and you are well on your way to high performing articles that pull in tons of visitors that convert to sales. Anyone keen to start a successful article marketing campaign should hurry to read my article marketing blog for more killer tips .