How to Write Affirmations – Your Secret to Manifesting Success

Do you know how to write affirmations that really work? A well-written affirmation has the potential to change your life in many wonderful ways. Once you learn how to write positive, powerful affirmations you will have an incredible manifesting tool at your disposal. But to tap into their true power and to increase your manifesting success you have to be sure that you write them with the following guidelines in mind.

1. Affirmations are about YOU.

Every affirmation that you create must be written in the present tense for it to have any lasting effect on you. This means that you should begin your statements with the words “I am”. Do not tell yourself that you will do this, that, and the other thing. Be bold! Say, I AM! This slight difference in wording makes a huge difference in the results that you will get.


Weak: From now on, I will be on time.

Powerful: I am always punctual.

2. Qualities Over Things.

Great affirmations are never about the things that you want to attract into your life, they are always about the qualities that you want to develop within yourself. If there is a quality that you need to have in order to reach your dream you should include it here. Look at the things that you want and ask yourself, “What do I need to change?” Then incorporate your answer into your affirmation.


Weak: I am wealthy.

Powerful: I am a smart saver and a wise investor of my money.

3. Be Positive.

When you write out your affirmations you always want to focus on the positive, and never the negative. This is central to the entire manifesting process, and is the core of the law of attraction principles. Spell out exactly what you want to create and keep your attention off of those things that you do not want. Every outcome that you do not want has a corresponding outcome that you do. That is where you need to place your attention.


Weak: I am giving up fast food. (Giving up or quitting is negative!)

Powerful: I am a healthy eater.

4. Use Daily.

Now that you have written your affirmations it is time to actually use them. For the best results you must use your written statements every day. Not just on days when you feel like it, or when the sun is shining, or when you remember to. Every day. Once a day is good, but twice a day is even better. Read your affirmation aloud each morning and each night before you go to bed. Do not make excuses. When you make your affirmations a habit, you will soon see the qualities in your affirmations begin to develop in your life.

Learning how to write affirmations that really work is simple once you apply the four principles covered here. Start right now and create a set of powerful affirmations of your own. Be sure that you write them in the present tense, that they are positive, and that they are really about the qualities you want to develop and not the things you want. Use them twice a day and in no time at all you will discover yourself changing!