How to write a very effective Ad Copy for Dummies…

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A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but it is words, and not dancing images that sell to an audience. Text links often pull better than banner ads; the importance of copywriting cannot be overemphasized.

If you want to improve the quality of your sales copy, the following catch phrases will do the trick. Try pasting your favorite lines into your most important sales document, and then do your best to incorporate them with original content. Compare the original file to your new creation, and see which one you think will pull better. And be sure to have third-party reviews of any copy you write for minor rewording and formatting recommendations.

Openers & Greetings

It is vital to welcome a surfer to your Web site in order to make him feel comfortable and willing to part with his money. Here are several openers commonly used in direct mail and magazine ads to greet potential customers:
Welcome to… Congratulations, You’ve Found the… Greetings! Attention! Dear Friend: Dear Valued Customer: Questions

Although this section is listed separately from the openers and greetings above, provocative and relevant questions provide an effective means of opening a paragraph or any other large block of copy. Questions are the most effective way to build conversational rapport with your reader.

What’s the best investment you could make?
Did you ever ask yourself…?
Wouldn’t you like to try…?
Isn’t it time you…?
Will you be ready for the…?
What’s the best way to…?

Proactive Statements. These statements are a good way to establish a positive company image. We’re dedicated to… We’re committed to… We believe in… We serve… We provide… We’re familiar with… Calls to Action

IMPORTANT: Every effective advertisement contains a call to action. Study every high-impact Web page, banner ad, pop-up/pop-under, direct mailing, and TV/Radio advertisement in order to find new ways to influence audience behavior. Notice that calls to action usually begin with verbs. Click here to… Visit here to… Discover the… Learn about the… Join the successful people who… Experience the… Enjoy… Seize the moment! Now is the time to act! Transitions

Effective copy should sound similar to natural conversation when read aloud. Transitions round out the tone of your document. Here are some excellent transitory phrases from print advertising and successful television infomercials: And wait, there’s more: But there’s more! Now there’s an even better way: Here’s why: Think about this: And best of all… As if that’s not enough… These are just a few of the… And that’s not all! Closers & Motivators

If your visitor’s interest is caught, all that’s left is for you to make your final bid for his money. Don’t blow it: use an appropriate closing line to motivate and reel in the undecided. Don’t miss out! Instant gratification… You can do it! Do it today! It’s up to you. Don’t wait another moment! We’re waiting for you… Now is the best time! Try us today… It’s time to make your choice. It’s never too late to…

You’ve got an important decision to make. We look forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to call us. Now it’s time for you to decide: Take this important first step: Yes, please send me… Yes, I want to learn about… Yes, please bill my credit card! Use our toll-free hotline! Immediate delivery! Operators are standing by! We think you’ll agree that… That’s all it takes to… Take advantage of this special offer! Can you think of any reason not to…? You’ve waited long enough for… You’ll wonder why you waited! If you’re seriously interested in… Differentiators

Use differentiating statements to distinguish your product or service from the competition, and to inform your audience of how you can improve their lives. We’re the only… We’re the best… We offer only the highest quality… We have what you need to… Success starts with… The best-kept secret in… Don’t get stuck with… Finally, there’s a better way to… Don’t take chances with… It’s no secret that… We’ve got the solution to… Cost Savings People are motivated by money. It’s a natural instinct that effective marketers use to their advantage.

If your product or service is price-sensitive, then you must use cost saving phrases to maximize surfer productivity. No extra charge New low price Special introductory offer Fantastic savings FREE Yours FREE Absolutely FREE Free gift! Free gift enclosed! Free of charge Lowest prices ever Phenomenal savings Tremendous discounts For a limited time only! Take advantage of this offer No-risk trial offer No obligation to buy Send no money now! Extraordinary Bonus offer! Special bonus Limited time special offer! Risk Reduction People hate risk. They do everything possible to avoid it. It is your goal as a copywriter to win the trust and dollars of your audience.

Offer some sort of guarantee and/or warranty to bridge the gap between you and potential customers. Guaranteed Results! 100% Guaranteed! Ironclad guarantee Money-back guarantee! Satisfaction guaranteed! 30-day no-risk guarantee 30-day warranty Lifetime warranty Lasting satisfaction or double your money back! There’s no comparison!