How to Write a Press Release

When faced with the prospect of writing a press release, most writers (even the most well-seasoned) would cringe at the thought. The idea of a press release sounds difficult, but it is not.

A press release is actually a simple form. Once you’re used to them it is easier still to create the release for your own company. Here are the basic steps that you will need to follow:

– Find out the format – Depending on where you are submitting the release, the format may be different. Try to determine what the person reading it will be looking for before you send it off to them.

– Put it on company letterhead – You want the company that is the focus point of the press release to be emblazoned on the top. This allows the media to know immediately who the ‘star’ of the press release is and who they need to contact if they want or need more information.

– At the top of the press release, it should read ‘PRESS RELEASE’ and if it’s for immediate release, then put ‘IMMEDIATE RELEASE.’ These are placed in the top and left hand margins, respectively.

– The headline needs to be in boldface print in the center of the top of the document under the ‘PRESS RELEASE’ and ‘IMMEDIATE RELEASE’ statements.

– The main text of the press release should offer some sort of valuable and interesting information that a reader would want to know about. In terms of business, you would want to talk about a new innovation or a new product that you are releasing.

– You’ll also want to include relevant quotes from people at your business to help add credibility to the statement. The more that you attempt to make the press release exciting and personal, the more likely you are to get it released in media markets.

– Make sure that the press release is clear and well formatted. Try to use common fonts and leave space so that your reader doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the content.

If you’re still not feeling like you’re the one to write your own press release, there are plenty of copywriters that you can hire for the job. By giving the copywriter the information that you want to share with the audience as well as the format that you expect to release the press release in, you will be well on your way to having your news be on the news.