How To Write A Headline That Converts More Visitors Into Customers

In just five minutes you are going to learn how to easily write headlines from scratch with the ease of a seasoned professional!

But first you need a little background.

You see, when people look at website conversion statistics they often look at a website’s statistics from an analytical perspective.

In other words they look at facts, figures and equations instead of looking at increasing website conversions from a holistic standpoint.

Allow me to elaborate because knowing this will change your sales conversion results at breakneck speed.

One of the most overlooked elements in increasing website sales is “website copy.”

In particular headlines, or rather writing effective headlines that capture the interest of your website visitor and compel them to stay at your website and learn more.

The reason why writing effective headlines is so critical to a website’s success is simply a matter of ‘TIME.’

You see people are busy. Busier than ever! So busy in fact that face to face sales is becoming increasingly unnecessary to close a deal.

Even multi-thousand dollar deals not to mention the countless number of transactions under a hundred dollars.

In the case of the internet, your website becomes your front-line sales person and it only gets one chance to make a first impression.

That one chance is about three seconds long! But if you get them to stay, you can get them to buy.

So how do you make a lasting first impression for any product effortlessly and automatically?


You can use my “A.C.E.S. method” for writing headlines that sell!

Here’s the short and sweet explanation of A.C.E.S..

A compelling headline has these four elements in it almost ALL of the time.

A – Attention
C – Curiosity
E – Excitement
S – Specific

In other words a compelling headline…

1. Grabs the attention of your visitor.
2. Builds curiosity about your product or service.
3. Builds excitement through the use of powerful ‘news type’ words.
4. Is specific to your target market’s needs and your product or service.

For example…

A long-time client of mine created a software that slows up video training material so that the user can learn specific moves or techniques faster.

Here’s the headline we came up with in only five minutes and STILL it can be improved but the sales results have been amazing to say the least.

“Amazing Software That Manipulates Video So That Anyone Can Learn At Least 3 Times Faster Than Normal . . . Watching The Same Video . . .In A Completely Different Way!”

Do you see the A.C.E.S.? Great!

But remember, this technique also works for cataloge styled websites that sell hundreds or thousands of products, yet it can still be used for other types of products that, DARE I say it…may not require a sales letter!

Notice I didn’t say that it may not require sales copy just not a full fledged sales letter.

Writing effective sales copy or rather writing headlines will remain one of the most effective and probably STILL overlooked methods of converting more visitors to paying customers on the internet.

That’s GREAT news for you and bad news for your competition!