How to Win her Heart

Dating with a woman can be very interesting and exciting. Let’s say that you met a woman for some time and you really like her and have a great time with her. You are very proud with your conquered because she is beautiful, smart and interesting but you feel that you need to do something to make your relationship stronger. All you have to do is to win her heart.

You will see that after you win her heart this beautiful lady will be only for you and you wouldn’t be worry to get dumped too early. But wining her heart is not an easy thing; it takes time, patience and also a little luck.

You don’t know how to do it? Here are some useful things that show you how to behave in order to get her heart.

– first and the most important is to prove her that you really love her; this doesn’t mean that you have to kiss her all the time, it is very important to talk with her, ask about herself, to see that you care about her

– give her the attention she deserves, always be nice to her and pay attention to her as much as she needs;

– be natural and sincere; arrange to be alone with her and tell her what you feel

– romantic dinners are always a sure thing to impress, but be creative and take her to a place she has never been before, something special, to never forget

– make her feel special and compliment her, women love this

– make her laugh a lot in order to have a great time with you, they don’t like guys which make them feel bored

– Surprise her with cooking for her; you haven’t done this before? no problem, she will be excited to see that you do this sacrifice for her;

– be interesting and choose unusual things to do together, some fun is always welcome

– let her know that you desire her in the way you look at her and touch her

– don’t push it, if she says no, accept that

– be a gentleman and respect her, show her that she is special and unique

– be a good listener; when she is upset about something, ask her what is wrong, help her to get over it and tell her that it wasn’t necessarily her fault

– if she ask you for an advice, always be there for her and help if you can by giving her the advice which she is waiting for

– women are really emotional so you can win her heart with romance; the key of romance is spontaneity;

– you need to be inventive so she will never figure out what you plan, because if she can predict your next move your gestures will loose all the effect

– impress her family and friends, especially her mother, she may have a big influence on her daughter choices

– be a challenge; women love challenges, but don’t be inaccessible

– don’t cheat on her; this will definitely mean that you will lose her; if you want to win her heart you have to show her that she is the only girl for you

– call her in the middle of the night to see if she is sleeping; it is a sign that you care and you are thinking at her even night

– try to not use a foul language in presence of a woman and always excuse yourself if you just said a stupid thing

– be a good guy, understanding, clean and well dressed

– pay attention to her even in front of your friends, if she calls you when you are with your friends show the same interest in her, don’t be rude

– recognize the small things, men often don’t do this, but this usually mean most

– sometimes you may tease her about her clothes or jewelries and when she starts too, respond with funny things

– give her some space; let her spend some time with her family and friends as much as she needs, to not feel like a prisoner in this relationship

– to not say that you are desperate, call her in some day to compliment her, and after that don’t give her any signs about two days, she will wonder if you are ok, so she will be thinking of you

– also you may show her that you are special too, so she will savoring every minute spend with you

Many relationships fail because after a while this is getting boring. In these days women love and need man as much as before, but they are looking for a relationship in which their emotional needs are met as well. But if you are able to win her heart and make your relationship always be interesting and funny, you will see that this will last for much time.