How to Virtually Guarantee the Perfect Vacation Experience

Going on a vacation is, for most people, something they look forward to and plan for upwards of a year. The thought of anything going wrong is cause for much anxiety. Sometimes in peoples desire to book the “foolproof” vacation they out smart themselves and actually guarantee that they won’t have the best vacation possible. How?

The first thought that everyone has concerning guaranteeing that their vacation goes well is that transportation aside, pick the right destination and get the best accommodations. With research and preferences done and considered you can choose the right destination. Now how about the accommodations? This is where you can’t afford to go wrong, but where most people do.

The thought is to stay in the best hotel or resort that you can find at or near your chosen destination. You can’t go wrong with that thinking, right? Well hotels and resorts are businesses run by employees doing a job. And they are only concerned about their future vacation, not your current one.

Even if the staff is at it’s best, you still have to hope that all the other guests are on your same schedule (late night partyers make it tough on trying to rest and relax and vice versa) and wouldn’t it be nice to have more than 250 square feet to call home for a couple weeks? The pool will close regardless of your desires and needs and why eat in the same handful of usually very pricey restaurants?

With less research than you put into choosing your destination you can find and secure a private home for your vacation at less cost than almost any hotel or resort worth staying in. You will be able to talk with (via email and/or phone) the actual home owner, and get your price! Try doing THAT with a resort!

Private homes in desirable vacation areas are owned by people that have spent years nurturing and building their home into something that they are proud of and you will find nicer than any other type of accommodation. They are “turn key” in their set up and all you are required to do is feed yourself in whatever fashion you choose (EVERY meal doesn’t HAVE to be an event, unless you want it to be). Their location will be in the heart of the action and, and yet being it’s a private residence, afford you the privacy to live on your own terms.

And in a lot more than 250 square feet of space, with a pool and spa that doesn’t close, multiple living spaces and a bedroom and bath for every adult in the party.