How To Video Blog

How to Videoblog: Learning Its Ropes

Some two years ago, blogging has become part of the internet tradition. It first started out as the typical diary form wherein the writer himself pours out his ideas, records his thoughts and sentiments, acquire post links, and inspire others to send in their reactions. At first the conventional blogs first came out with the setup of pictures and text. Eventually, the term Podcasting was used to refer to the innovation known as audio blogging. Podcasting hence allowed people to use their iPods in downloading music with the MP3 audio features. Most recently, videoblogging came forth.

What is the real score with these videoblogs? Do you know how to videoblog? Videoblogging or vblogging refers to being able to put video files online to be linked from your own blogs, and in turn, the people can freely access your videoblogs. Anyone who happens to subscribe to your rss feed will get notifications regarding your new videoblogs. Therefore, they will be granted the privilege to view your videoblog by simply clicking on the link. Again, there are some benefits that could be earned. Apple’s iTunes is capable of subscribing to your videoblog so this could be accessed to by its users.

More so, there are no existing restrictions regarding the kind of file which may be used in videoblogging. To name a few, they are Quicktime, Windows Media, MPEG, and Real Media. But then, there are two principal types of files which will allow you to reach a wider range of audience as you go on with how to videoblog process. For the videoblog Podcasting, the Flash Video (FLV) or the Shockwave Flash (SWF) formats need to be ensured so that the video files can be viewed on both of the PC and MAC. The FLV format is most suited for the viewing of full effect motion videos and it likewise works well on the much smaller lengths of video file. The QuickTime Pro of Apple is among the easiest and simplest way so you could conveniently convert the series of video files you’ve got into the prescribed format of video Podcasting.

What are the things that you must keep in mind when you’re learning how to videoblog?

First of all, you will have to acquire the necessary software and equipment. They are the digital camcorder or the web cam, production software, microphone, the rss feed that will syndicate your content, and your blogs.

The basic videoblogging will definitely need a webcam but if you’ve got a digital video camera, it will be much better. They have greater optics so you could expect better results as well.

The use of the separate microphone rather than the built-in microphone of the camcorder or web cam is about to produce more spectacular quality of sound.

After shooting the video, you now have to consider how you could display it onto the web. For computers that operate with the Windows XP, the Windows Movie Maker software program is best to use. Typically, such format comes standard with the XP version. You may be unable to save the video file in the SWF or FLV format but the Windows Media file will let you start out.

For your blog content, you may seek out the free services. Syndicating your site for free will have to be dealt with as you use the features of

Knowing how to videoblog will certainly become an advantage to you. You’ll soon understand why too many people are getting fascinated with it.