How To Video Blog Vlogging

A Quick Background on Vlogging and Basic Steps on “How to Video Blog”

Who among us have not encountered the urge to write something yet? Unless you are a bionic of some sort, it could not be possible for one not to experience this. Whether it may be emotions of elation, sadness, gloom or love, each one of us have already gone from hell to heaven at some degree and would want to keep record of such an event.

Well, what do we most normally do when under the attack of inspiration? Some of us resort to repression of feelings; some just blurt it outright and make every word feel its own meanings. These may come in forms like singing or writing songs, eating, retreating to one’s own world and others resort to blogging.

What could blogs do for you? Well, they become a sort of channeling out your feelings, thoughts and sentiments. It is like publishing your own web page hosted by various websites.

Blogs have appeared sometime a couple of years ago. It is a form of online diary where the writer or the blogger could keep records of his experiences throughout the day. The good thing in here is that it could be read by people who are given access to a particular page.

In its beginnings, blogging only had texts, images and pictures. However, due to the rapid advancements in technology, people have already integrated audio into the blogs. Audioblogging is first referred to as podcasting since this provided the channel for easier downloading of songs and other audio files by mp3 users and other similar devices.

This then paved the way for video blogging or simply vlogging.

Video blogging allows the uploader to put video files into the blog as a link or as an integral part of the particular page itself. Thus, everyone subscribing in your page or your rss feed could watch the video you have uploaded through the link.

Again, due to later advancements in web pages and related stuffs, vlogging has evolved into more sophisticated forms.

Video blogs can now be downloaded by Apple iTunes subscribers. Additionally, there are various video file types that could be used including Quicktime, MPEG, Windows Media and real Media. Plus, there is no limit on what type of file you want to upload.

But of course, some file types offer more advantages than others. The two superior ones are the Flash Video or FLV and the Shockwave Plus or SWF. These file formats could be viewed by both PC users and MAC users.

So, how would one start making his first video blog?

Of course, like with most activities you will need to prepare various materials. With video blogging, you must keep a list of instruments and softwares to keep the program running. First is the video recorder, camera phone, digital camcorder or a web cam. You will also need a microphone, an rss feed for file syndication, a production software and most importantly, a blog site.

The webcam or any medium for capturing video will serve as the recorder of the file you would want to upload later. A separate microphone or a dedicated microphone in your video recorder will help produce the sound quality.

After shooting your file or your video, you must transfer the file into your computer using the available software.

You need not bother on your rss feed as this is provided by your video blogging software. After which, all you need to do is syndicate the site.