How to Use Those Spare Business Cards Wisely

Here’s an interesting concept you should know about if you’re in business…and certainly in you have business cards!

Before I share what I’ve found (you’ll like it), I justed wanted to let you know about the most powerful ‘basic’ tactic I have learn’t to maximise business cards. Make sure you view your card as a mini billboard! To many business owners put their name at the top of the card…who cares about your name! The reader wants to know what’s in it for them…why should they be interested in any other wording on your business card? Give them a reason … NOT “J.Smith” or “John’s Plumbing”… Put something like “Plumbing – We arrive to quote on time, or we’ll pay you $50”. Now that shows confidence and certainly…which is what the consumer loves! This made a BIG difference in my business, because I found that people where happy to pass my card around because they felt ‘confident’ in recommending me…I put my money where my mouth is, and it works a treat! Anyways, back to my little discovery…

Imagine having your own silent salesman that was handing out your business cards for you 24/7 to your target audience! I didn’t think this would be possible, but I found a way that I would like to share with you.

It’s been reported that business cards are very ‘under-utilized’ buy most business owners in general. If you have noticed quite a number of your business cards hanging around the office not being utilized…so why not use them!

We recently read about how you can ‘do something’ with these business cards. An innovative company that we discovered has taken business card advertising to a whole new level. It’s quite clever, and almost every business owner would be interested in this.

I’ve often thought about having a teenager that’s really pretty, walk around in high traffic areas handing out my business cards and giving a quick ‘sales pitch’ then moving on. Most University students would do this for a few extra dollars. I continued my research and came across business card display vending machines. Yep, that’s right! Who the hell thought of this!

You can now have your business cards handed out through a vending machines. This is a clever idea, because your business card is getting handed out…right into the peoples purses, wallets and pockets of people who will need your service. I decided to utilize this type of service, and so far so good.

So this is another clever marketing idea that you should all know about. I’ve put the website that I found down below for you to see what I mean…maybe you’ll see them around one day. Just check into the pricing in your local area…and certianly factor it into your next marketing budget.

I hope this helps to expand your mind to new ways to do something with all those old business card hanging around, it certainly did for me. They call them business card displays, and also business card dispensers.