How To Use Self Hypnosis To Program Yourself For Success In Life

It is said that every human being is born with unlimited power of mind; through out the life time of general people only 20% of this capability is used on average. Cultivating the internal power for utilizing it to the utmost benefit of society and individual is the avenue for not only human development but also for self improvement.

Self hypnosis is a method of self improvement that works at the core level of mind to restructure the patterns as you want and revitalize your self esteem. In the modern world of continuous challenge, competition and pressure the qualities of human beings are being considered with much more importance and gravity. Self hypnosis in this regard is a way to correct your faults, to program yourself for the desired actions and to win the competition.

The practice of self hypnosis has become much popular in rectifying the habitual faults like smoking, alcohol addiction, drug addiction and even to motivate oneself to lose weight. Self hypnosis helps you to motivate yourself by bringing down a complete dedication in a scientific and methodical way.

Self hypnosis is a state of mind at which the concentration level and the focus of mind increases to a high level creating a trance like state to generate the will and actions to follow some set commands. Hypnosis is a popular method applied in various fields like psychiatry, medicine, education, surgery, at organizations and as hypnotherapy.

But in case of self hypnosis you are not required to visit anyone or to be hypnotized by anybody else. It is a process where you hypnotize yourself to program your mind as you want. But in complex issues where the subject is supposed to be observed while hypnotized, self hypnosis does not work. On the other hand, it is an extremely applicable process for self improvement.

Hypnosis process has few certain stages –

– Preparation
– Induction
– Deepening
– Purpose
– Awakening

In case of self hypnosis, here is a method on how to program yourself for success using self hypnosis practices –

– First, find out a quiet place without any noise or any other people around. The atmosphere should be highly serene and private.

– Sit there in a comfortable position. It is better to sit than lie, because otherwise you may fall asleep.

– The whole process requires at least thirty minutes. Find such a place where no one intrudes or anything disturbs you before that.

– Now close eyes and slowly try to release your mind from any kind of thought or emotion. The process is tough. But do not fight with the intruding thoughts and get disturbed. Always be calm and let these play of thoughts on unconscious mind take their own way.

– Release you every muscle, and let the strain and tensions flow away from your body.

– Now start deep breathing. Release all the negativity while you breath out, and gather inside tranquil positive attitude while you breath in.

– Imagine yourself as the happiest and most relaxed person.

– At this point start addressing yourself with simple, positive and present tense sentences. This way put in to your brain the actions that you want to pursue. Repeat the sentence as many times as you wish.

– After this trance like state, speak to yourself that as you count from 0 to 10, at the end you will be awaken and slowly come to the normal consciousness. Now start counting.

– As you come to the normal consciousness, open your eyes after few moments and slowly get up.

Other than this popular method, there are also computer software and mind machines for self hypnosis. Whatever method you apply, the whole process should aim at total self improvement for your ultimate benefit and remarkable success rate.