How to Use Long-Tailed Keywords for Better Traffic

Long-tailed keywords are keyword phrases used by Internet users that have 3 or more words in them. An example is Real Estate Broker in Miami. This is highly targeted, and if you are a real estate broker in Miami, you would want to rank for this over broker. Why?

Longtailed Keywords Convert Better

If you are a Miami-based real estate broker, and looking for clients that want to move to the city of Miami, you want to rank in the search engine for that term. That keyword phrase (Real Estate Broker in Miami) represents your exact target audience. This buyer is more serious since they know where they want to move to, and are hunting down brokers in that area.

Ranking #1 for “broker” is great, but look at all that it can encompass. Commercial loan brokers, real estate broker, stock broker, commodity broker, anyone one who makes a deal go through is a broker. Your website has an operating cost, and simply targeting the term “broker” is going to get poorly targeted people to your website wasting your bandwidth and server load, costing you money. Go after your demographic by going after the keywords they are going to target when searching.

Long-tailed Keywords Deliver More Targeted Traffic

Using the same example, someone using several keywords on their search on Google or Yahoo is going to be more serious than someone just typing in “broker”. When the search engines visit your website, they see that you specialize in “Real Estate”, “Broker”, and “Miami”. They see that your site is much more focused for that industry, and when someone types that in, they get excited since you are exactly what they are looking for.

Long-tailed Keywords Lead to Ranking for Short-Tailed Generic Keywords

An added benefit of using long-tailed keyphrases is that it promotes quicker ranking for the short generic term like “broker”, or “real estate”. In the eyes of the search engines all the regular competition is trying to rank for “broker”, but you are ranking for “real estate broker in Miami”, “real state broker in Dade County”, “real estate broker in Florida”, etc.

When you rank for long-tailed keyphrases the search engines see this and start ranking you over the competition for “real estate” and “broker”, since you are in the center of the industry in general. Now you will start getting more generic words. You will then start coming up for related industry terms, so you wouldn’t rank for “stock brokers”, but “home broker” instead.

Go Around the Competition

This is one of the biggest benefits of using long-tailed keywords, you circumvent the competition. While they are busy attempting to rank for “broker” like the other 10,000 brokers in the world, you are ranking for targeted phrases that convert into sales, like “real estate broker in Miami”, “home broker in Miami” etc. You completely fly under their radar until you build enough value in the eyes of the search engines for ranking for the generic terms like “broker”. Once the competition realizes this, you’ll be so far ahead of the game for your keywords they won’t be able to catch up.

Get Traffic that is Ready to Buy

This alone justifies targeting longtailed keyphrases. You are getting traffic that is ready to buy! Think about it: who is more likely to buy a home … someone that types in “real estate”, or “broker”, or someone that types “real estate broker in Miami” or “home broker in Dade County”?

How to Use Longtailed Keywords

Use your long-tailed keywords in your articles that you write about on your website and in the signature within industry forums that participate in. Link back to your site in anchor text using the term, and use them as a basis for writing article titles as well. Using our example, you can have a title “Search for a Real Estate Broker in Miami” (currently that text is unique and not in Google, we’ll see after this article).

Using long-tailed keywords in your pay per click campaign are also a must. Not only do they convert high, but they also cost less since most of the competition is not targeting them.

Long-tailed Keyphrases Are the Way to Go

Information and the strategies of long-tailed key phrases have been around for a while, but it’s sometimes difficult to get a client to understand the reasoning behind this. I hope that this article has helped clear up some of the confusion, and hopefully show the benefits of using long-tailed keywords as your main strategy for you internet marketing campaigns, whether it is pay per click or search engine optimization.