How to Use Law of Attraction for Maximum Results

Law of attraction is a universal force that attracts to you whatever you focus your attention on most of the time. It allows you to actualize your feelings, emotions, and thoughts into their physical form.

The most successful people in the world have applied the law of attraction. Everyone has the attraction power within them, but this drawing force will not be unleashed unless you know how to use it.

Applying the law of attraction is not as easy as “asking, believing, and receiving.” To maximize its full capabilities, you have to do the following steps:

1. Visualize in your mind the very thing you desire to be, do, or have. Believe without a doubt that it is already happening in your life. Feel the happiness or satisfaction of having achieved your dream in your whole body, mind, heart, and soul. It is highly recommended that you create a vision board (a cardboard will do, with pictures of things that delight your heart). This will greatly boost your visual faculty.

2. Declare your intentions, believe that you are already receiving what you are asking for, and state your affirmations whenever you can. If you want to be a best-selling author, say, “I am a best-selling author!” many times throughout the day with belief and emotion. It is highly recommended to go to a place alone to focus on your self-talk.

At any time of the day when you are about to say something negative like “I can never do this!” or “I’m so dumb!” hold your tongue and say “Cancel! Cancel!” or “Delete! Delete!” It is important to keep your inner dialogue absolutely positive and void from pessimistic poisons.

3. Take inspired action! The universe helps those who help themselves. If you’ve been watching “My Name is Earl,” you’ll probably know what karma is. It states that if you do something good, an equally good thing will come back to you. And if you do something bad, an equally bad thing will come back to you. You reap what you sow. Therefore, if you just keep daydreaming and don’t do anything, the universe won’t do anything to help you either.

4. Receive openly. The law of attraction is more powerful if you open up and allow yourself to receive the abundance that the universe supplies to you. If you reject your blessings, you are stopping the flow of prosperity and decreasing your attracting force. Acknowledge even the smallest things in life. Remember to always say “Thank you.” Let the universe know how much you appreciate all the abundant gifts you are receiving. Show sincere gratitude, and the universe will respond appropriately by giving you more.

The law of attraction is working all the time, no exception. Understand it, know exactly how to unleash its power to the fullest, and start applying its principles to bring into reality everything you’ve always dreamed of. You have the power within you! May the law of attraction lead you to everlasting happiness, success, and fulfillment.