How to Use Hypnotic Persuasion for Job Interviews

So you’ve been invited to attend an interview. You’re both excited and nervous – this is your dream job. If you are like most people then attending an interview is a very hit and miss affair. You either have a good interview or a bad one and very often you are not sure which. It’s merely a gut feeling that you have and you are left hanging until you get the phone call. What if there was a way to drastically improve your chances of having an excellent interview? Well there is… and NLP can teach you how to do it.

To understand how to do this you need to have some idea of how interviews really work. There’s loads of legislation to ensure that discrimination is kept out of an interview and that the decision made is the right one and the most suitable candidate gets the job. However every interview and every system is going to be imperfect because humans are behind it. Humans cannot help it, without realising it they delete, distort, generalise i.e. discriminate – its part of what makes us human. Therefore very rarely are the interviewers going to be neutral when someone walks into an interview room. It has been proven that the more attractive you are the more likely you will get the job. NLP can help make you more attractive. No we’re not talking about physical appearance we’re talking about vastly improving your rapport building skills.

Imagine if you could walk into a room and within five seconds have people in that room think that not only are you like them but that you are also extremely likable and attractive. Do you think that this would improve your chances of getting a job?

In-fact by learning this one facet of NLP alone you are will double if not triple your chances of getting the job and a good NLP Practitioner Course would give you so much more.

So you’ve walked into the interview room introduced yourself and everyone likes you. You now need to sell yourself verbally. NLP will give you a number of tools to do the following:

• Covert influence those around you through the use of words and subliminal commands
• Hypnotic Language patterns that will enhance your personal power or charisma
• A mindset that will make you feel confident, powerful and capable and will be reflected in your attitude and impress the interviewers

Even if you learn only a third of this stuff you will be head and shoulders ahead of your competitors and your chances of getting the job will have dramatically increased. Consider having the ability to make it so that the interviewer cannot forget you. How about having the ability to make the interviewer forget the people that have he has interviewed before you and the ones he is going to interview after you.

If this sounds a bit too much like mind control then consider this. How much do you want this job? Everyone else will be trying to do the same thing i.e. make themselves stand out and trying to sell themselves as the most ideal candidate. The difference between you and them is that you have a better technology and set of tools. Several simple hypnotic techniques will give you the edge over the other candidates. If you want the ability to do this and you are interested in finding out more about NLP then the article on rapport building will show you how easy it can be to take control of an interview situation.