How To Use Flowers for Your Las Vegas Wedding

Flowers can make all the difference for your Las Vegas wedding, especially when you chose them wisely. They make a beautiful arrangement in any aspect of your wedding from the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the reception.

Many people wonder what types of flowers they should use and how well they can be coordinated. The fact is, you can coordinate many types of flowers into your Las Vegas wedding depending on your theme and overall wedding plans. They can be a wonderful addition to your table settings or as small gifts to your guests.

One excellent idea is to use wild flowers instead of those flowers that are traditionally displayed at a wedding. You might choose wild roses because they have the “right feel”. You can use some varieties of cacti because they bloom and you can create smaller flowers like some of the blossoms around the cacti to make a special centerpiece.

Depending on your theme, you can find a variety of flowers that will fit your needs. As an example, if your theme is an outdoor wedding or some of the more rustic type of wedding, incorporate a few fresh flowers into the decorations on the cake. Your guests will find this a beautiful touch.

One thing you should remember while choosing flowers for your Las Vegas wedding, is that the flowers you choose, should be easily available around the area where you’re having your wedding. It makes no sense flying in fresh flowers that are not available locally. Firstly, they won’t be as fresh, and second they would be mighty expensive.

When you pick your wildflowers they can be the type that you get out of your own flower garden or you can use some of the more popular hothouse flowers. Another thing you can do to liven up your bridal bouquet with a Las Vegas touch, is to take a ribbon and tie a few chips or dies(dice) at the end of it.

A nice touch for table settings is to use mason jars in place of flower vases if you are going to have longer tables. If you add a few flower petals to the table as well, it makes a great design and you can put other Las Vegas wedding favors such as chocolate dies, on top of the petals that guests can take home with them. Any of these ideas work very well and make an eye catching set for your tables.

Another good thing to remember is that there are certain types of things that go along with Las Vegas weddings and certain things that don’t. For instance, it makes good sense to set up a Chip Table as the place to go for food if you are having it catered. You can also line the food area with a few tasteful flowers as decorations around the area or hand a few garlands nearby.

When you are creative you can find many uses for flowers in your Las Vegas wedding and you are only as limited as your imagination. Have fun with it!