How to Unlock Effective Communication Skills and Make a Great Impression

Effective communication skills are essential in all scenarios, whether in business dealings, romantic entanglements or family affairs, and being misunderstood is often a huge embarrassment. Do you find that you are often being misunderstood, or that you have difficulties getting your point across, when it comes to effective communication skills it is as much what you say as how you say it, while it is equally important that you learn what not to say. Being a good listener will also determine hoe effectively you are listened to, while of course the image that you portray will also impact how effectively you communicate in many if not all situations.

Empathy and listening are the initial steps to work on when developing effective communication skills. When you can actively listen and empathize or show understanding when being spoken to you stand a better chance of receiving the same courtesy when you speak. It is important not to interrupt a speaker even if you don’t understand of disagree. Take a mental note and wait until it is your turn to reply to discuss your query. Respect is a factor not often mentioned when discussing effective communication though when acting and receiving communication with respect and an open mind you are showing that you are keen to improve and you will better listened to when it’s your turn to speak.

Speaking clearly and cohesively will increase your chances of being understood. Use appropriate language for the situation and person. You will not be understood if you speak Japanese to and Irish man, so ensure that even your academic level of speech is fitting to the person you are directing a conversation with. Try to cut out unnecessary and over wording in sentences be concise and to the point. If it’s an important meeting where a certain number of topics need to be covered quickly, bullet pointing major points is a handy guide to lessen the amount of time wastage and make you look more professional, therefore keeping more people interested and listening to what you say.

When you enter a conversation with someone you are inadvertently encountering a person’s barriers to communication whether you are aware of this or not. Each person brings with them their own decisions and ideas concerning effective communication and when in a situation where you may be unfamiliar with the crowd you are directing it is necessary to effectively read and monitor the body language of your audience, if people are looking bored or uninterested this may be a clue that you are talking to much and need to reduce and simplify your message, while in other situations you may need to exacerbate a point several times to have your voice heard. The key is to read people well and this takes time but the more you try it the better you will get.

Communication is never as simple as simply speaking or writing you must be aware of personal opinion, taste and understanding, you must be able to read every situation and person perfectly so if you’re anything like me you have a long way to go but in the meantime listening and watching people who you admire for their communication is a good idea, this can help you by allowing you to compare and analyze how well others can articulate their messages and in turn lead you down the path to great communication skills so that you will learn to effectively utilize your communication skills in many if not all situations.