How to Understand Your Behavior

For many of years, philosophers, behaviorists, psychologists, and psychiatrists have been trying to understand human behavior. Many have come close to understanding how behavior is imprinted or store into the body, but many lacked the last details to form a complete picture.

It eluded many of them because they had psychological issue that they had not resolved. And, this got in their way of seeing the true secret of human behavior.
Many of the therapies that exist today still do not address the real cause of behavior. Instead they teach their clients how to continue to suppress their feelings so that they can control their behavior. This is an injustice to the client because in time suppressing feeling leads to suffering from severe physical and mental illness.
But, I will tell you now, that to change your behavior is not easy and if you decide to do something about it, it will take a long time. But if you do nothing to start changing yourself, you will remain the same as you are now, for the rest of your life.
If you feel at peace, don’t harbor ill thoughts about other people, have good relationships with people, don’t get upset quickly, and have plenty of patience, and then you may be a well balance person.

However, many of you may think that you’re ok, and that you don’t have any problems. There are very few people that don’t have behavioral issues to deal with and those that say they don’t are usually in denial.
If you have addictions – drugs, smoking, and alcohol, sexual – or other excessive or annoying behaviors you have probably heard that the failure rate of therapies that target them to be 80% or more.
To clear addictions and even well established destructive behaviors takes more than what these psychological therapeutic sessions can give you. Most therapies are designed to suppress the addictive urges or behaviors that you have. This suppression does not cure your addictions and has side effects that can create other addictions and diminish your long-term health.

A true therapy works to release and eliminate the energy of your suppressed traumatic memories or experiences. Most all behavior originates in childhood. If you were raised with love and affection, then most of your behavior is probably normal. Unfortunately many people believe that they were raised in a loving family when this was not the case.
If you were raised in a family where you receive verbal and physical abuse then this trauma has been imprinted into your whole body and is held there by a system called the defense mechanism. It is this system that works all your life to hold this trauma suppressed so that you can function and believe that everything is ok when it really is not.
It is your responsibility to learn what causes behavior and to deal with any bad or unwanted behavior you have. Your defense mechanism cannot keep all your past trauma suppressed all of your life. It allows some of this trauma to leak out because in cannot hold it in check, since it becomes weaker in time. The danger in suppress trauma is that it damages your health in places where it is stored in your body. And as it leaks out it fuels your bad behavior.
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