How To TurnYour Photos Into Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are a great way to put some thought into your latest present. Whether you’re thinking about an anniversary gift or birthday gifts, using photos will make your gift stand out from the rest. When you give photo gifts, if you have taken the picture yourself, you can almost guarantee that no one else will have a similar gift – it will be utterly unique. That’s part of the appeal of personalising a gift.

Choosing The Right Photo

So, how does the process work? How do you get from having a photo to having a personalised gift that’s going to give the recipient a lifetime of memories. Here’s how the process works. First, you need a photo. Since most people take hundreds of photos with their digital cameras, this isn’t likely to be a problem. However, choosing the right photo might be. When picking the photo you are going to use, think about the product it will printed be on. With some photo gifts you might be photographing your subject on a dark background, while with a photo canvas it might be on a white background. You may wish to consider how the colours in the photo will blend with those in the rest of the gift item.

Another important part of photo choice for photo gifts is the size and shape of the photo. In general, the closer this is to the size of the personalised gifts, the better. So match a long, thin photo to a long, thin object and a short, fat photo to a short, fat object. Now you’ve found the best photo to use for personalised gifts, you need to to upload it. This is a simple process, which consists of navigating to the folder where the photo is stored. For those who prefer to work offline, most companies will let you post the photo in. Next it’s time to set options for how your photo will look. You can use the full colour original, but may also be able to use a classic black and white version or get an old fashioned look with a sepia tint.

Popular Personalised Gifts

It can be difficult to find gift ideas for personalised gifts, but just ask the photo gift company for some suggestions. Popular gift choices include a photo canvas, which turns your digital photo into a piece of art. This is a great choice if you’ve got a really wonderful picture. However, there are also many smaller personalised gift items. Consider adding a photo to a hot water bottle cover, or creating a photo montage on canvas to commemorate a special occasion. Give your sofa cushions a makeover by adding family photos – one for each family member. Mugs, mats, purses and bags also make great personalised gifts are quite affordable.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo and selected your item, all you have to do is wait a short while for your personalised gifts to arrive. Wrap them up and you’ll make someone very happy because the gift you give will have a personal touch.

Copyright (c) 2007 Mark Beevers