How to Turn Your Stressful Day Around Instantly

What do you do when your day becomes so stressful that you would love to just jump on a plane to get away from it all, like the airline commercials. How can you turn your day around and continue with self confidence?

Here are a couple of suggestions to turn your day aound instantly from a stressful, I want to get away from it all day, to a day that you can continue on in a self confident and more relaxed and efficient way.

First of all, try to free or empty your mind by using any one or a combination of these 12 suggestions.

1) try diverting your senses by listening to music that makes you feel good, by lighting a great smelling candle, by taking a bubble bath (if you are at home), or filling the room with a favorite scent

2)get rid of the drama in your head that is giving you negative thoughts

3)by lightly tapping the area between your eyebrows and thinking in detail a very pleasant memory

4)by being silent, feeling and concentrating on peaceful thoughts, and turning off any other noisy distracting, if possible

5)by taking a break and doing something else for a little while

6)by writing down your concerns on a to do list so that you will remember which things need to be taken care of next or on your to do list for the next day or two

7)by using color therapy. Stare at a cheerful color, for instance, yellow for 30 seconds and wear that color or place an object with that color on your table or desk and throughout your day when you look at it, use it as a cue to relax

8)watch a comedy on TV or read the comics or a short, funny story

9)do breathing exercises, by taking a deep breath to the count of 3, holding it for a count of 3, and then exhaling it completely

Secondly, you need to move your body. Here are 3 suggestions that you can try.

1)pretend you are a robot and then a rag doll by tensing every muscle in your body and after holding for a count of 4 seconds let everything go and relax until your body feels totally relaxed

2)by pressing your palms together in a prayer position, fingers up, with your elbows lifed for 10 seconds and then releasing it. Repeat it 2 more times

3)by doing chair yoga. While sitting with your fingers interlaced behind your head, relax your elbows and shoulders, smile, breathe deeply and stretch your elbows back. Focus on releasing the tightness in your arms and shoulders.

Next time, you feel all stressed out or feel like hopping on a plane to get away from it all, try the suggestions above and soon you will feel more relaxed and less stressed out. You will then be able to continue your day with a more relaxed, efficient, and self confident day.