How To Turn Your Internship Into A Job

Generally, as an intern, you work for no or limited pay only. You do this just to gain more experience, technical knowledge and career network. During this period, you gain valuable skills, polish your professionalism and create essential business contacts. If you’re a competent intern, you can build helpful references, and professional relationships, which can even turn into career results.

However, internships are still intended for a prearranged duration. So what exactly can you do to make this position as an advantage and turn it into a career opportunity?Easy, here are some tips on how you can turn your internship into a job!

Play It Right!

Being an intern, you just have to play it right. Try to enjoy the whole experience. Also, don’t forget to desire to change this temporary position of yours into a full-pledged permanent position. You need to have power over specific professional characteristics, which can catch the attention of your employer; here are some of them.


Whether you like it or not, the first impressions that they get from you really count a lot, especially in the marketplace. Starting from the initial introductions and interview, you should have that professional appearance at hand. You would want to show up on your best appearance, even though you’re only applying for an unpaid position.

Try to prepare for the part, work out your finest executive-level courtesy. Always speak correctly and clearly, and don’t forget to be on your best behavior. Wearing torn jeans, flip-flops, along with chat-room chatter and speaking with sloppy speech, has no place in the professional workplace, especially if you want to last.


Having a positive demeanor and helpful manner can actually help jump-start your professional career. Be eager to show up on work with a smile. Also, try to do your best to complete everything that your internship requires. If you do all these, then you are most expected to succeed.

Being courteous and friendly to your coworkers can also pay off. Your employer actually notices if you’re able to get along with colleagues and cooperatively work with them. Being able to handle and manage personal conflicts along with your proficiency on dealing with high-pressured situations can also serve you benefits.


As an intern, you may look at what you’re doing as an academic requirement that you should endure, and complete. It tends to be more like a chore than a job. Well, it’s about time that you stop thinking this way!

If you really want to heighten your professional calling, you would regard your program as period where you can prove everything you have got. This period is the time in which you can exhibit your capabilities. This is actually that point when you make your initial mark on the professional world.

Always make sure that you document everything that you accomplish. In this way you could be credited during evaluation periods. Always keep copies of your praiseworthy emails and memos. And always make sure that your superiors can see them. Always bring your proofs along with you.

Be Available

If you really want to transform your internship into a professional employment, you would have to be available to your employer. Make sure that your boss knows that you desire a permanent job within the company.

As your internship program draws near, and you really want to carry on with the job; then don’t hesitate to meet up face to face with your boss to ask if you can have the job.