How to Triumph Over Diabetes

Diabetes in the last few years has become widespread. Once considered a rare disease, we all either personally know diabetics or someone whose loved one is battling it. What? Have you been diagnosed with it also? In the past, most diabetics used to be diagnosed at birth or very early in life with what is known as Type 1 diabetes, due to the body’s inability to produce enough insulin.
Now it seems that majority of cases of the disease are contributed to Type 2 diabetes, which is contracted later on in life. What is it in the North American Diet that predisposes you and me to Diabetes? The main culprits have finally been exposed. They are widely known to be a combination of poor diet and lack of proper exercise.

Did you see it coming with the proliferation of fast foods of all types? Did you notice you children’s gradual disinterest in the wholesome basic meat, potatoes and lots of veggies diet? I remember my young daughters checking out the mound of fresh groceries and exclaiming: “there’s nothing to eat!” What they meant was there was no junk food! Their taste buds had started to take on so many of their friends’ tastes. Meals became a culinary challenge in our house to deftly and as inconspicuously as possible combine nutrition and “fun food.” It was a taste-testing season, where we all became more exposed to many new and nutritious international dishes. Now our gals are much more health conscious than I ever was!

How about you? Do you know someone who may be totally hooked on junk food? Many people grab fast food dinners all too often due to their busy lifestyles, being too exhausted to cook a proper meal after a hard day’s work. This, of course, inadvertently affects the younger generation, who soon refuse to eat the “good stuff.”

The main reason for all that, according to me, is the high content of sugar in junk food, sauces and drinks. It’s the sugar you get addicted to. Soon you’re no longer satisfied with the natural sweet taste of our great variety of fresh and dried fruit. And veggies? Forget it! If you have to douse it with ketchup, marinated pickles or other sweet condiment, chances are you won’t eat it, right? If so, you may be hooked on sugar.

Is it too late to get the young generation turned around to wholesome nutrition? Anyone with either type of diabetes will attest that it’s no fun! Being dependent on needles and constant monitoring is not pleasant; neither are the consequences of blindness, pain and amputations in severe cases.

It’s time to take back your natural God-given taste for wholesome, natural food without additives, especially sugar. By gradually re-introducing more and more natural fiber-laden food and fruit in your diet and committing to regular exercise, like walking, you’re on your way to regaining control of your health.

There is much information about the kinds of foods that are best for diabetics and those who are prime candidates for it. Take your doctor’s advice. However, do not neglect the fact that proper nutrition can reverse the trend. Doctors have the expertise to diagnose and treat the symptoms. As yet there is no medical cure. They can only try to stabilize the insulin level in your body.

Nutritionists are experts in the power and goodness of food. You need both the medical and nutritional advice. By adding the right nutritional supplements, along with a more balanced diet than you may have been used to, you can totally eliminate your diabetes. There’s no greater feeling of power and relief than when, thanks to your taking nutrition seriously, you get a clean bill of health from your doctor! Yes, it can be done! You can regain control over the deceit of sugar addiction and wrong eating habits! Get back your power and stay in control of your well-being!