How To Tell Mr. Right from the deceptive charming Actor

What is it about Men? They are always grumbling that women are strange, fastidious and after their wallets. Men probably have no idea that they are stranger creatures themselves. Forget about Sigmund Freud’s claims of not knowing what a woman really wants. The truth is, most men know. And here comes the problem. Almost every man you meet is trying to act like Mr. Right. Many of them are really doing a good job, coming off as suave and gallant. Some of these guys go to great lengths of learning the art of palmistry, fashion, cookery and even those chic dance moves. Depending on how astute the man is, some women may not realize till it’s too late. Many others will have a hard time trying to tell the good from the bad. So how does a woman work out through this deceptive chivalrous charade? How do you tell if he is upright and trustworthy, or if he is just another smooth-talking James Bond “wanabe” whose sole intent is to get into the sack then discard you?
Unless he is extremely skillful, most of these silver-tongued, insincere show-offs usually forget the basics. They leave noticeable trails along the way which lead to their doom. One of a woman’s greatest strengths is her gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right about a man, it isn’t. If you feel that he is a cheat, a womanizer or anything of the sort, chances are that he is.
This is the ultimate no-brainer. If a man is really interested in you, he will always make time for you. Truth is, you will always be in his mind. If he doesn’t call you or is constantly making lame excuses to avoid you like he’s busy or having problems with his ex, then he’s not the one. A man will never be too busy to be with his dream woman. He will even forfeit watching that football game or skip hanging out with his buddies just to be with you. If he is truly in love, he will want to spend every moment with you at every possible excuse.
Does he remember your birthday, any special anniversary or when you first met? Does he take time to know you and ask you what you want? Does he make an effort to make an early booking at your favorite hang-out? Does he honor his word? Does he treat other people with respect? What do your friends think of him? Does he disappoint you? Do his interests match yours? How does he treat children? You can be rest assured that during the initial stages of dating, any man will be at their best behavior. But somewhere along the way, the real guys persist while the pretentious ones ultimately stumble. You will have to keep a close eye on the man and constantly evaluate his behavior. The real truth about most people is unearthed when they are put to the test and observing how they behave in many different situations. If you find anything suspicious or distasteful about him, then these may be tell-tale signs that he is probably not your man. Remember to watch his behavior closely. No matter how principled he portrays himself, he will eventually falter if he was insincere from the beginning.
Like I mentioned before, a woman’s instinct is a powerful weapon. If one of those devious blokes comes your way, don’t be too impressed if he’s seems classy and cultured. First impressions are important, but can also be very deceptive. The last thing you want is make the fatal mistakes in dating. Never ever make assumptions. Better to acquire as much evidence as possible and get the facts right. Always remember to watch his dark side. A stressful or an annoying situation is always a perfect opportunity to know a person’s true character, but do not go about creating one. If you don’t evaluate his behavior and character, you are in danger of missing important clues and revealing signs that will tell you if he is the right man for you. The good thing is that even the most resilient and striking of those men pretending to act like Mr. Right cannot stand the test of time. If they don’t meet your expectations, better cut your losses and move on. Never ever make the mistake of believing that you can change him. Marriage won’t change him either.