How To Take Great Photos During A Family Sailing Vacation

One of the most important things in a sailing vacation is the photos. After all, how else can you capture the moment and freeze it forever than record your experiences through photographs?

Although there are video cameras that may record every scene and even every word that is spoken, there is still magic in photographs. This is especially true for people who have kept albums and scrapbooks through the years and would want to continue with the tradition.

But taking photos is not as simple as clicking the shutter. There are many things to consider when taking photographs. This is even more true if there are many people involved like the whole family, not to mention little children who are just so hard to capture on film. Below are some tips to help you produce great photos during your family sailing vacation.

1. Check the lighting

The light is very important in producing great photos. Too much light overhead or at the back can cast a shadow on your subject and make the photo too dark. Light can also result to overexposure where the colors appear white and washed out like when you have washed a favorite t-shirt over and over again and the colors faded.

Too little light can make the photos blurred or make it too dark that one cannot even see the subject, in this case, the people. This often happens when you are taking photographs of people at night. If this is the case, then you should try to get a location where there is some light overhead or on the side.

2. Check your battery and your memory

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding out that you don’t have any more battery or memory right in the middle of your trip. Although you may be able to buy one from the cruise ship store or at the malls at the shore, it would be pretty expensive and you would not even know if you can find one that is compatible with your camera.

So avoid the frustration and the stress of it all, bring with you enough batteries and memory sticks to last you a year! You’ll never know just how many photographs you will need to take. If you can bring a charger, all the more better. You can just plug it in your hotel room or in the cruise ship. You are also paying for the use of their electricity anyway so why scrimp?

3. Look for the unusual

One of the simple rules in photography is to find something unique in the environment or in the sight and take a photo of it. This will make the photo more interesting and will also be a conversation starter in reunions. Make sure though that you know what you are taking photographs of. Bring a notebook with you so that you can record everything that you have seen and took picture of. Photos do not just stop with clicking the camera, it also involves getting to know the story behind the place or the sight and knowing what it is called.

4. Take photos of people

Nothing makes a photo interesting than putting people alongside the sights. Besides this is your purpose when you brought your camera, record your family’s experience during a sailing vacation through a photo, so it is just right that you include them in every frame that you create.