How To Straighten Your Hair – From curly to straight

To straighten hair, begin by shampooing, conditioning and towel-drying hair. Apply a heat protectant product to your hair, paying special attention to the ends. Wash your hair with a tiny bit of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Squeeze out the excess water and apply serum to your hair. Apply to the ends of your hair, not to the roots, so that they don’t get oily. If you’re washing your hair every day or more, it may be better to choose a mild shampoo instead of a shampoo designed for oily hair. If you have decided to use a hair straightener, put your hair into sections again, and run over your hair with the straightener. If your hair is dry, it’s a good idea to wash it less frequently.

Some people only need to wash their hair once a week – and that’s fine. Many people who have curly hair also have dry hair. Most hair types will have success with this process, except for some hair of African descent or hair. Alawys use heat protection spray or else your hair will get damaged from straightening. Relaxers. Relaxers (straighteners) work by breaking chemical bonds in curly hair. Relaxers containing lye can cause skin irritation and hair breakage. If you use a clothes iron, your hair will go in all the wrong directions. Stay safe, and use proper hair straighteners. They work on all hair and now you can get them cheap. Use a flat brush. Plus, if you want it really straight, use your straightening iron.