How to Straighten My Bangs

The front bang area can seem impossible to straighten. These small curls seem unmanageable and can be quite frustrating to tame in the mornings. Here is a simple and painless process of overcoming these hair wars in the morning. It is much easier than you think, once you have a few tips!

Begin by washing your hair with your favorite shampoo that is tailored to your hair type. If your hair has been treated and/or damaged then you may want to consider a product fit for those issues as well-conditioning may be required. Thoroughly rinse the products from your hair. Those with long or thick hair may need to rinse several types. If you have a fine hair type, then a diluted rinse-out conditioner should be massaged into your bang area. If your hair is relatively thick then you should not need to use a diluted conditioner. Make sure that if you use a leave in conditioner, that you do not apply too much. This will cause your hair to look greasy and will flatten it. Use the coldest temperature water you can bear while rinsing. Cold water will seal the cuticles and add lots of shine to your hair. After these rinses, you will blot up the water from your hair with a towel. Never rub a towel through your hair because it damages hair!

Once you complete these steps, you should apply a straightening balm or a product designed to detangle hair. Leave-in conditioners are helpful with this step. Often times they are light enough to not weigh your hair down, but help to free tangled hair. Next you want to use your blow dryer on the bang area, and then comb it separate into two inch sections. With your hand pull this hair straight, staring at its roots. The blow of air should be directed down on the hair also from the roots to the bang ends. You may want to use a paddle brush to help with the straightening process. You will continue back and forth with the blow dryer until the drying of your bangs is totally complete. At this point the rest of your hair is ready to be blow-dried. After you finish drying the rest of your hair, you may use a spritz all over you hair to keep it set and to remove fly-aways or frizz.

Let other hair perfectionists know that there is hope for your bangs. Never allow your bangs keep you from having the hair do of your dreams!