How To Stop Smoking In Four Easy Steps

Everyone approaches the idea of stopping in their own unique way and for their own reasons. In a similar way, each individual has a unique twist to their habit. Some people only smoke socially; some only smoke in the evenings, some smoke 20 a day, some 50, and so on. Each person’s expectation about how easy or how difficult it may be to stop tends however to be on more similar lines. Most people look upon the final act of quitting smoking with about as much fondness as the prospect of having their leg amputated!

Thoughts tend to run along the lines of “how will I cope?” or “I’ll put on 20 pounds in weight” or “I’m going to be really grumpy”, etc, etc. Thinking like this definitely does not help matters. You are creating an expectation that it will be very difficult and extremely uncomfortable. You are creating an expectation of weight gain, bad temper and failure. The thing is, what you expect to happen, does indeed happen. Such is the power of your own mind. This is why you have to get your mind around stopping smoking to pave the way to success and long term freedom from the weed.

You can feel a bit hungry, you can feel pretty stressed. This can last up to three weeks if you go cold turkey. BUT if you get your mind around the subject of stopping smoking you do not need to suffer this discomfort; you do not need to be subjected to an inner battle of wills inside your psyche. You can use hypnosis to access the inner workings of your mind, to access your subconscious mind, the part where deep-rooted habits and beliefs are stored. Smoking is a habit, and its various patterns, associations and behaviors are wired into your subconscious mind. You more often have a cigarette in hand before you even think about it, than consciously think, “oh, I fancy a cigarette now”.

With hypnosis you can learn to relax and change state and this is a great mental skill to acquire if you are worried about being a ratty so-and-so! With hypnosis you can learn to distract yourself from cravings and this too is a rather useful mental skill in the process of stopping smoking. Just imagine how much easier it will be to quit smoking if you no longer suffer from cravings…You can, with the help of hypnosis, effectively zap ANY cravings you might otherwise have had. Hypnosis, in short, can provide you with the inner steel to quit as it guides you to think in a different way, both consciously and subconsciously.

Wouldn’t it feel nice if you didn’t have to avoid smokers or social occasions? This too, can be achieved with the correct use of hypnotic suggestion. If you thought that you would not be affected by other people who are still smoking and so could mix with them comfortably, would that make stopping smoking a little easier as well? This too, is easy to achieve…with the help of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the real key as it allows you to get your mind around EVERYTHING you ever worried about or was afraid of. You don’t have to put on weight and become a roly-poly person! In fact, the correct hypnosis suggestions will empower you to wonder why you ever smoked; why you ever smoked will be a complete mystery to you. Nothing else will ever control your life again, as you learn to use the hidden powers of your own mind, with the help of hypnosis.

I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record or a parrot. But the key really and truly is – you got it! – HYPNOSIS. The only proviso here is that you need to be guided with the RIGHT suggestions; you need to cover every base, every circumstance and every eventuality. And your mind needs to adjust in bite-sized chunks, which is why I recommend a four step approach.

The four steps to stopping smoking successfully with hypnosis are these:-

Step 1 – challenging and changing your present belief system and making sure that you look at stopping smoking from a different angle. You need to address your thoughts and beliefs so that they can be changed quickly and easily. You can then create an expectation that you will quit smoking easily without experiencing any negative effects at all.

Step 2 – When you are ready to stop, you do it, there are then. Now it’s time to be guided by hypnotic suggestions which turn your desire to stop into immediate action. Now you learn to think as a non-smoker, not as a smoker who is attempting to quit.

Step 3 – Reinforcement is the name of the game. Learning to enjoy being a non-smoker and appreciate the benefits is the key here. And you don’t feel that you are out there on your own; you can listen to your hypnotic download every day and reinforce again and again how great you feel. It’s also important to notice how you feel better physically and kick-start your body’s ability to self-heal. Suggestions can be made to create new habits and expectations about lifestyle, eating, social events, and so on.

Step 4 – The final step is to future pace; to step into the future and imagine yourself as you want to be, to see yourself as a non-smoker forever. It’s no use being a non-smoker now whilst at the same time having an image of you smoking in the future!

So these are the four steps to stop smoking easily with hypnosis. You don’t even have to go and see a therapist, Stop smoking hypnosis downloads are easily available on the internet.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in stop smoking hypnosis downloads.