How to Stop Sagging of the Breasts – Avoid Breast Sag

Every woman wants to retain the youthfulness of her breasts. But sometimes even at a young age women lose the shape of their bust-line. This can become a matter of great worry. In this article you will find some useful tips and exercises to stop breast sagging.

Breasts generally start sagging and losing their firmness after delivery, or during a long illness, during pregnancy or because of irregular menstruation. A daily massage with olive oil is beneficial before bathing. A gentle breast massage will help to have a full and firm bust line. Remember, to wear a well-fitting bra while exercising. Some women do not wear bra at all. Mind, this will further spoil the shape of your bust-line.

Breast care is important especially for feeding mothers. Breasts sag if the baby is suckled while sitting or reclining in a faulty posture. For example, suckling with the baby lying without proper support in the lap or suckling while lying down is harmful for breasts. Always feed the child in a sitting position with the child in a sitting position with the child in your lap and your hand under its head so as to lift it and keep the head steady. Press breast nipples immediately after suckling and remove the remaining milk with a couple of jerks. This gives lightness and freshness to the breasts.

Bathe the breasts with hot and cold baths simultaneously to ensure rapid blood circulation. Sprinkle hot water and then cold, four to five times alternatively. A few light exercises also help in keeping the breasts firm.

One of the useful aids to a good skin is a complexion brush. Soap the skin and scrub it. Use a small circular movement. Scrubbing stimulates the skin, brings blood to the surface, removes dead cells, smooth and cleans. Cold water is good for persons with a sluggish skin and for those who feel the need of a stimulus. You can use water at different temperatures for different parts of the body – cold to make the bosom firm, hot to slim the ankles etc.

Be careful when applying cold water to breasts. Only douche the tips of the nipples and do it very quickly. Prolonged washing of the breasts could chill mammary glands deeply and cause bronchitis. Many women use ice to rub the tips of the breasts. Intense cold water causes a very strong static contraction in the mammary muscles, without giving the time to cause a chill.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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