How to Stay on Track to Your Goals – As Focused as Going to Disney World

When it comes to goals let us face the humongous, bedazzled, hot pink elephant in the room head on. We know the real issue. We know what we want. We are motivated. We take action. We feel great! Then flu season sets in, or we get busy or tired, or thrown off course by appointments, responsibilities, projects, secondary goals, or insecurity sets in… blah, blah, blah. Abruptly, that of primary importance becomes detached and disregarded. Make this year different! Staying on course to your most exciting goals is like going to Disney World. Here’s how:

~ Keep your dream forefront- Use a vision board, a journal, index cards, a computer, or whatever works for you. Be intentional. When you plan a trip to Disney World you gather information, brochures, etc. to keep your goal in front of you as you plan. You have fun dreaming about it regularly as you take action. Commit to learning and viewing the perks of your goal one to three times a day, five to seven days a week. Always know the exciting part of why you are going for it.

~ Experience reaching your destination- Focusing on what you will experience when you reach your goal is critical! Critical! Allow the experience of already being there pull you into action like a magnet. When you plan a trip you focus on where you want to end up, the experience you crave. It is easy to imagine and feel the beauty, fun, and excitement of Disney World. It is easy to experience being by the glimmering tropical pool or on an adventurous Disney attraction, or playing on a lush championship golf course. Experience your goal in the same way… very bright, vivid, and real… using all of your senses.

~ Set it up in a way you know you can do- Goals can be a stretch just like a trip to Disney World. Look into many options. Get expert advice. Get creative. Do what works for you. On a trip to Disney World you plan and make it work based on who your family is. When you plan goals, get real. Set your action steps up knowing who you are and what you are confident you can do even if a stretch. Set goals in a way that builds positive habits and creates a track record of small wins building up to the big ones.

~ Expect discomfort- Taking action outside your comfort zone obviously leads to discomfort. Be brutally honest. Are you on the wrong track? Is more preparation needed? Or are you experiencing growing pains as you face something new? Growing pains are something to be excited about as you progress! You gain experience, knowledge, and strength. When finalizing travel plans many second guess their choices feeling a mixture of excitement and discomfort. Acting on goals is similar, which is why the first two tips above are so important. Go to the source of discomfort. Is it legitimate or simply a growing pain? Believe and trust in your abilities.

~ Schedule time to take action- Those who travel to Disney World find the time to plan, take action, and make it happen no matter how busy they are or what curve balls are thrown their way. Commit to your goal by committing the time to do what it takes.

~ Persevere- When you fall off track, get back on. Keep your destination in site. When planning a trip plenty of things can go wrong. Rates may be higher than anticipated, dates may be booked, flights may be delayed, cancelled, or re-routed. Travelers stay focused on where they want to go, the final destination. They imagine being there…in Disney World… having fun, being with people they love, getting in some rest and relaxation, the beauty of the landscape, the smell of delicious food grilling, etc. Don’t give up! Stay focused on the end result. Continue progressing forward and you will get there.

So what are you going to do next? What is your Disney World where your dreams will come true? Protect your most exciting goal by reaching that destination every day. Dream a little and take a lot of action… StartingNow!