How To Start Your Own Worm Farm

Creating your own worm farm is a good way of recycling wastes from your home. This is also a good source of organic fertilizer for your plants, especially if you have vegetables and fruits. Aside from these, worm farms also offer financial opportunities. You can either sell the humus or worm castings to organic gardeners or sell the worms themselves.

There are opportunities in worm farming or vermiculture. How do you start your own worm farm?

Prepare a container made of wood or plastic. The measurements are not that important. If you worm farm is inside a room, make sure that it does not have any leak for the water to rush our. Worms are more comfortable with dark places. So if you are using a clear container, you can wrap newspapers around it to make it darker. Also make sure that you have a location which is far from vibration. Worms are sensitive to vibrating movements.

Of course, you would need worms. Use Red Worms or also called manure worms.

For the bedding, you can use newspapers. Shred it, then make sure it is moist, do not make it too wet. Then add some garden soil and some egg shells. Crush them prior to putting inside the container. Put water in the container, enough to make the bedding moist. Too much water inside the container may drown them. So make sure that the moisture is just enough to make them breathe.

When feeding your worms there are several things you need to consider:

a.) You can feed them fruit and vegetable scraps and leftovers which starch concentration like pasta and bread.

b.) Avoid feeding your worms with food with high acid content like coffee, oranges and tea bags. When unavoidable, balance it with egg shells.

c.) When feeding worms with egg shells, make sure that it is cooked. If it is from boiled eggs then it would be okay. But if not, then just put them in a cup of hot water and put it inside the microwave oven where it would cook.

d.) Avoid feeding your worms with poultry and meat products. These kinds of food can create a certain smell that would attract insects to the bed.

e.) Aldo avoid dairy products and chips, they can also create a problem by attracting worm eaters and other insects.

Keep the worms in room or farm temperature of 40 degrees F and 85 degrees F. So, do not let the farm to stand in sunlight for too long.

There would be a time that you will be seeing cocoons with baby worms in your farm. You can add egg shells in the farm, since these shells have calcium that helps red worms in reproducing.

Upon noticing that the bed cannot be identified anymore, then you would have to harvest. You can harvest the worm, you can also harvest the castings. It is up to you. But it is clear, that you would have to harvest. Worms cannot survive in their own waste.

Do not put plastic bags, bottle caps, rubber bands, sponges, aluminum foil, glass in the farm bin. This would make your worm farm look like a trash can.

Never let your feline companions use the worm bin for their litter. Ammonia will kill your worms and the odor is intolerable. Make sure that your worm farm is duly protected against feline abuse.