How to start to achieve your goals

Everybody wants to improve their skills on any subject. If you know a little about computers you can take a course to get to know more tricks and tips of how to use that computer and the software.
To get to that level you have to do something. Thinking about it isn’t enough. Even positive thinking doesn’t help. Sure you can try it by yourself, but only a few will reach that level they aim for. The best possible way to achieve your goals is by taking the following steps.

1) Set your aim
2) Take action
3) Be aware of results
4) Change your attitude

First set your aim.
It sounds silly but you have to know what you’re aiming for. Where do you want to be in six months from now? What do you want to achieve? If possible also include a timetable. When do you want it to be done?
You can choose anything you want. For example you want to change your “I’m-always-late-behavior”. You know you’ll make lots off people happy by changing this. Your partner, your associates in particular and everybody else around you will notice these changes. The nicest thing is that you can start anytime you want. Therefore you have to

Take action.
When you take action your present behavior will change. Perhaps it’s not the behavior you want right know, but you’re doing something to improve. As long as you take action changes will be made eventually. When you do take action you start noticing different behavior from the people around you. For a starter you could leave home 2 minutes earlier then you normally do. When you do

be aware
of the different responses of the people around you. Do they smile or do they give you a compliment of your early arrival. These are the changes you’re waiting for. They’re approvals of your action. So keep up the good work.
If those two minutes don’t result into positive reactions, then start scratching behind your ears. Make a decision to change your former action. Leave 5 minutes earlier and see what happens. So you have to

change your attitude
to achieve what you want to happen. You should keep your aim in mind. Even when circumstances don’t change immediately keep on trying. In time you’ll be rewarded.

When you see the benefits off your changes, keep on making other changes for more benefits.
You have to work on your attitude until you reach your goal.

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