How to Start Small and End Big?!

Attention please!

In this issue I am going to share with you one of the top
secrets to maximum achievement.

Today is your last day of procrastination.

Today is your day of action.

Today is your day that leads to your bright future.

Are you excited?!

This secret has changed my life.

It transformed me from a big procrastinator to a man of action.
And my actions led to big achievements.

It all started with discovering…

** The law of accumulation

…Which states that short term activities with time will lead to
long term accomplishments.

When I first got to know this great natural law I was shocked of
how easy long term accomplishments can be achieved!

Before I knew this law I was always looking at every task as a
big bulk that should be started and finished in one shot.

But how far truth is from that!

Every great accomplishment started small and with incremental
steps forward it turned into big achievements and massive

All what you need is to start. Start with the smallest possible
action and build upon it.

Action that is as small as a short phone call, or reading one
page in your favorite book.

With consistency and steady movement you will get to your
destination where you will celebrate your massive success.

Start small and end big. This is the secret of greatness.

Now a word of caution!

**You have to be sure that you are moving in the right direction!

“Oh, that is very important!!”, you are saying.

Because you may discover that after taking small actions one
after the other and after some good long time you end up in a
place where you never wanted to be in.

So, before you start you have to know your destination and to be
sure that this is where you want to go, what you want to do and
who you want to be.

Don’t be like those who float with the winds!

Use the power of purpose. Knowing your purpose in life is the
first step in building an extraordinary life and creating
everlasting success.

I couldn’t find illustration of that secret better than that of
Matt Morris the CEO of “The Success University”…

*** “It’s the consistent and steady movement in the right
direction that makes the small incremental investments fairly
painless and also creates the confidence and excitement to be
truly self-motivated and driven toward your ultimate goals and

Yes! Nothing can be more truthful than that.

So it is all about knowing your purpose and your right
direction, making incremental investments, and being consistent
and steady.

These three unique facets make up the way to a guaranteed
everlasting success and huge achievements.

NOW is a great time to embrace change.

My friend, it’s your time to transform your life from making a
living to making a difference.

Eliminate procrastination.

Start taking action now; small action after the other. A little
bit does make a difference.

You’re running a marathon, and you have to make sure that YOU

My friend you can make a difference.

I believe in you.