How to Start an Autobiography

Plenty of good resources exist on the web to help you write your autobiography. Part of the fun of recording your autobiography is figuring out the way that best fits your lifestyle, your life, your time, and your personality.

Try any of these items to start the process:

1. Record your story on tape or cd.

2. Go through your photo albums.

3. Write daily in a journal.

4. Find a free program online that will allow you to answer easy questions about your life.

5. Writing letters to family and friends to collect stories.

6. Making a family tree.

Remember, It’s Your Story

The biggest thing to remember when starting your autobiography is that it’s your story. So the way you convey your story should reflect who you are. Be honest. Be honest in describing the experience. Be honest in describing how you felt about what happened.

How Can You Get Started Immediately?

How? Writing Lists.

Yeah. Lists: lists of stories, lists of family, lists of friends, lists of clubs, lists of cars, etc. Nothing could be easier than making lists. Don’t underestimate the power of lists. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the ideas start to flow. Have a pen and paper ready.

Lists will bring your story together in unexpected ways.

Example of Autobiography Wikipedia is a great resource for finding autobiography samples. You can look there for further ideas to help you get started.

Slow Down

Remember, it’s taken a lifetime to build all your memories. Don’t expect to record everything in one sitting. Give your story some time to percolate. Let it simmer. You accomplish the following:

You’ll remember more stories.

You’ll allow others to contribute their stories of you.

You’ll allow for life’s lesson to reveal themselves to you.

You’ll ensure that the autobiography you record reflects, accurately, the life that you’ve lived.

Starting an autobiography can be one of the most gratifying experiences. Writing an autobiography gives you a chance to reflect on your life. It gives you an opportunity to change the course of your life, if necessary.

Get started now.