How To Start A Home Business That Makes Money

So now you are convinced, you want to quit your job and work from home in your own home business.

Smart move. As J. Paul Getty observed, “You must be in business for yourself, you’ll never get rich working for someone else.” And he would know. His father, George F. Getty thrust Paul into running George F. Getty, Inc. before he was even 20.

Paul was very close to his elderly father and got very good at managing his father’s company very quickly. Under Paul’s supervision the company expanded rapidly, and before too long he was making his Dad millions. It was here that J. Paul Getty made his famous observation.

It didn’t take long though for Paul to go out on his own, and the story of J. Paul Getty was written.

But you are here now on the threshold of the same decision, and you are looking at all kinds of vehicles to take you to business success. What business will you be in, what are you going to sell?

There are a myriad of products out there being sold through mlm ‘opportunities’, there are wholesalers with literally millions of products you can sell and drop ship to people. Maybe you even have your own product in mind that you’ve been working on because it’s something that ‘everybody needs’.

Unfortunately this is where 99.9% of all fledgling home business go wrong!

They choose a “product” to sell first, and then they go out and try to thrust is on the world. And it is here that most people hit a brick wall ‘face first’ and get really banged up and hurt.

The hard fact they smack face first into is your product or service could be the greatest ever invented, but you’ll still be penniless if you don’t have a steady flow of new customers and return customers who buy over and over.

It doesn’t matter how great you think the product is, or how useful people would find it if they would only try it. If you don’t have people with money lining up to buy your product or service your business will fail.

If you get married to your product or service you have almost no chance of succeeding.

What you must absolutely “not” do is fall in love with your product. You have to get married to the “marketing” of it. If you get married to the marketing of your product you might have a chance to have people lining up to give you money.

This is a reversal of conventional wisdom, and it is why the burnout rate for new home business startups is so high.

Most people starting a home business choose a product “they like” to sell to others, or they spend years creating and developing a product “they” think will sell, and then fall flat on their face because they didn’t take the time to find out whether anyone wanted to buy their product or service in the first place.

This is the fatal assumption almost all new home business owners make.

The right thing to do is scout out markets. Look for markets that have lots of people spending lots of money, find out what they want to buy, create or acquire that product, and then sell it to the market you found that wants to buy it.

When you first locate the “market”, and only then acquire a product to promote that the market actually wants, your odds of being profitable in your home business skyrocket and your odds of not succeeding go way down”market” first, and then finding a product to sell that the market wants, your chances of having a successful home business go way up and your risk of failing almost disappears.

Become an expert on markets and marketing, and you’ll see your business take off.