How To Stack The Odds in Your Favor

What happens when you are sitting at the poker table, chips stacked to your side, cards in front of you? You are where you are because you have visions of winning. These mental images are strong and powerful, intoxicating to your senses. You can see in your minds’ eye a great stack of chips, getting bigger and bigger, and then your vision flashes to the actual cash which this implies, seeing yourself literally rolling in a whole roomful of fifty dollar bills! Oh, aren’t those images fantastic? Are they not compelling?

You’ve probably read all you can about calculating the odds and have your own strategy in mind for success. You probably have a planned practical approach to the way in which you play. Have you, though, spent any time focusing and working upon the mental skills associated with the game? Have you studied body language and learned how to read your fellow players? Have you learned how to give nothing away through your own sloppy body language? Not only that, what have you learned about the unconscious workings of your mind and body which can all too easily, and quite literally, “give the game away”?

Such phrases as “give the game away”, “turn a blind eye” or “turn a deaf ear” have all been coined because this is what we literally do. If you do not want to hear something, you do not even hear it. If you do not want to see something you will not see it. And the phrase “give the game away” comes, most definitely, from the tendency for one to crumble inadvertently under pressure.

Awareness is the first step in enabling change to happen. If you are aware that you’re not that good at reading others, or perhaps only intermittently manage to conceal your thoughts from other players, or that you lose when you should, in reality, have won, then you have work to do. This work is not difficult; In fact, it’s a lot easier than you would ever believe possible to learn to control your unconscious thoughts and associated tell-tale physical behaviorisms.

With the help of hypnosis downloads designed for winning poker, you can learn how to be more aware to others unconscious behavior, whilst at the same time become an expert at concealing your own. You can easily learn how to not give the game away and to win more and more often at poker. This is the best poker tip you will ever receive. How you think dictates the outcome of every one of life’s experiences.

You can learn to stack the odds in your own favor, simply by listening to a hypnosis download, designed for winning poker.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for winning poker.