How To Sponsor Distributors Into Your MLM Company

How come things haven’t been working for you?

That’s a great question. You may have done absolutely everything that people have recommended for you, and yet still for some reason success just evades you, and you continuously find your way into a torturous level of struggle. For five years, I had a very similar MLM experience, and absolutely no matter what I did – it seemed as if nothing would work.

The great breakthrough revealed:

One day, I was sitting on my family room couch, moaning about how I hadn’t sponsored anyone for 2 months into my previous company, when it dawned on my that my entire MLM career I had been listening to other successful distributors and trying to follow their advice, and I was ignoring my innate creativity and talents in favor of trying to ‘duplicate’ an impossible personality.

I decided that from that day on, I would only do what works, and I wouldn’t care if it duplicated at all, as long as the people in my group could reach success anyways.

The funny thing is – that with my own inner genius applied to my existing business, the recruiting breakthrough seemed to completely lift from that day on. I didn’t care about following a script, or a specific process, I only cared about connecting with people and acting like a leader.

One recruit per month soon turned into more than ten, and then ten recruits turned into fifty – finally things had come together. What I want to do is share very briefly what works for me, knowing that this may be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

1. I dropped any attempt at recruiting people I knew and instead decided to play the coy ‘hard to get’ business person. Instead of calling up all of my friends, I just hung out, and when they asked me what I did for a living, I wouldn’t tell them. I would say that I can’t tell them, because if everyone knew how to do what I do, I couldn’t make so much money at it anymore. I ended up sponsoring a whole bunch of my friends without saying a word.

2. I learned how to create massive traffic and exposure to my business on autopilot through simple internet technologies and Web 2.0 systems. The fact is, if you have enough people every day looking at your business, it doesn’t matter so much how good you are at prospecting, or following up. When I started having 500-1000 visitors a day to my main website, recruiting started happening automatically, where I would get people calling me on a daily basis asking me ‘David, can I join your team? Please?’

3. When I would get people calling me, asking me questions, or going through my automatic presentation system, I would defer everything to third parties, rather than trying to do everything myself. In other words, people would ask a question and I would get them on a 3 way call with someone upline, downline, sideline, etc – anyone but me. ALL I did was build a relationship and introduce people to systems, other people, presentations, sales funnels, and they would get it, all on their own – a pressure free recruit who joined of their own free will.

4. I started telling people what to do confidently, expecting them to follow my instructions, and they did. You know, it’s a magical thing when you realize that you’re a great leader, and that people desire to follow you and will do so with passion when you stop acting like a wussy on the phone. Speak up and lead, your prospects NEED it, and more importantly, they want it and will follow you when you do.

That’s it for now – I’m off to see a movie with my wife, Ashley – learn the skills my friends and I’ll see you at the top!